ABOUT novthe18th

Firstly, I want to use this medium to thank each and every one of you that took out time to celebrate me, prayed for me and wished me well, Amen to all of the prayers and all good wishes come through in Jesus name, Amen! Continue reading “ABOUT novthe18th”


Hello guys? How has your week been? Great I hope, well my week has been full of greatness, attainments and all that good GOD feeling, even though some people tried to make me really angry; dropping bad vibes in my activities, I stayed praying to God because to start with, I don’t even know how to handle anger so I let it all go; *winks* I’m phlegmatic like that. Anyway,  I remember when I posted my last favorite, I said I wanted to make it constant; like every new week, well my bad. I didn’t keep to my words but, I have been itching to blog this on my favorites anyway; this BAG. Let me give you the gist…. Continue reading “FAVORITE”



Hello guys and happy new month! hope you are great and alright? and you enjoyed the first week of the month?
I totally had a non-stressful and too restful week, rested a little bit too much and totally forgot to get my assignments done lol. Well I spent my self acclaimed rest time Continue reading “STILL BLOOMING”


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HAPPY NEW YEAR guys! so I woke up this morning grateful as usual to God for life, for last year, seeing my family, friends and I into this year and everything in general especially the fact I could now sleep well into my mornings without stress; yep school is over for the semester *winks* but am still writing exams 😦 Continue reading “ANOTHER 365…”



*singing*Santa Claus is coming to toooown..He’s making a list ..and checking it twice…Gonna find out whose naughty or nice santa Claus is coming to town lalalala…lalalala….santa claus is coming to town… those are the only wordings I know lol…
Continue reading “LADY IN RED”



HELLLO guys !!! so I was supposed to do this at the beginning of the month but it totally skipped my mind, still getting used to the blogger life..lol. Continue reading “WALKING THROUGH TO…”