Hey!!! This month has been extra; I was having coffee this morning and it hit me that the month finally ends today. Felt like a continuation of December; today should be December 60th in hustle calendar… Wheew! Finally! even if we are on the last day of January, I think I still have the tiny window open to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR, with a warm hug and wide smile; 😁🤗

ASKING FOR #2018goals

*clears webs*
omg!!! I have truly not been here since Christmas! weelll, I guess I have been in the festive spirit, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So, let me share my little #2018goals story with you.

By october 2017, I thought a lot about how my 2018 would go for so long, it would keep me up most nights. I needed more time to think so I made a decision that would buy me time at least till december, Continue reading “ASKING FOR #2018goals”