Listening to Sam smith – One Last Song
Growing up, I could never count how many siblings in my mother’s house, they always multiplied to me until at a certain age I found out there nine. Out of this nine,  I was close to the last five in my mothers house, they came and left because of school but only one stayed consistent even in school and his NGO he ran. This is just a letter to him even if he may not see it….Continue reading “LETTER TO GABBYJONES”


Hello guyzz!!! Let’s pretend like I haven’t been away for the longest time and just continue where we stopped about a month ago.Continue reading ““FRIEND-SHIP””


I would mostly described it as see through and naked; not like I am overexaggerating or not telling the truth but I mean I guess that’s why I just never gave it a chance in my life;Continue reading “MESHED UP”


I’ll love to share with you something I really love talking about a lot which is food but in an idiomatic manner; it’s a principle that helps me put myself in check. Continue reading “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”


Imagine we could look into a mirror and we could make make changes to perfect whatever we felt was imperfect…Continue reading “MIRROR MIRROR”


Miray fashion blouse(similar here or here)|Red Midi Skirt(similar here or here)|Boohoo Sandals|
WHAT?!…I cannot believe I have been sleeping on this statement piece for the longest time, I cannot just deal with my ignorance sometimes!!! These are a must-haves for days you don’t feel like really accessorizing so much, they’ll make all the statement in your outfit for you…Continue reading “TASSEL-RINGS”


Having a good and regular scent is a must for me and I have been using this a lot these days because my Opium is gone.Continue reading “A SCENT OF GOLD”

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