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First of all, happy new month, I have this rule of wishing people “happy new month” up until the seventh day of the month; it’s still the first week so, it’s technically still a new month till the 7th day. after then, I’ll just be making fun if I say it… lol.

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heeeeeeeey guuuyyyssssssss!!!
there’s nothing like a good comeback/ return and I really wish this was one of those but No! this is me subtly and quietly dropping this post to say I didn’t quit blogging neither forget this space. I come here once in a while to read my former blog post, edit my drafts and say hi to my new followers. I always made post but never really found the right time to put it out there but then when is the right time ever going to come ? I’ve discovered there’s no right time to chase your dreams, passions or anything that drives you. You’ve just got to get up and JUST DO IT. Okay! Nike has got to sign me a cheque for that ad…lol

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Listening to Who Am I by Phil J

Just me flexing after a catch up and make up session with @zantiara_lagos on Instagram

This time a year ago, I was either eating berries, watching movies indoors or just laying at the beach. I’m really surprised how we are already talking about the 2nd of JULY splitting the year 2019 into two equal parts I’m still shook about it; all that had happened in the last one year, most especially the first half of this year 2019, was like a flash
One minute I’m a graduate, the next I creating a brand, before I knew it, I was busying stacking that paper(earning money) and all of a sudden, I’m back home with my family trying to get a hold of the Nigerian lifestyle; all in oooone yeeear!

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img_4365_facetune_24-01-2019-21-03-39WHAT AM WEARING: Turtle neck sweater(Quzu Official)|Belted crop pants(Quzu Official)| Adidas Stan Smith shoes(similar here)|PU leather Backpack(similar here) Continue reading “UP TO DATE”


Serving you shimmer and a lot of red bottoms(I wish), you can tag it Christmas dinner/NYE outfit; well let’s leave the outfit aside and let’s talk Christmas. What has Christmas evolved to over the years? Continue reading “GOOD TIDINGS”