Hello guys! hope you are great? well… Happy thanksgiving!!! today is thanksgiving guys and there’s nothing I can be more delighted to do than thank God for everything he has done,the love he has showered me and everything in general he has done for me and the people around me. This year has been a great year and indeed a year of spreading; Continue reading “THANKFUL”


Hello guys, am sooo excited!!! Finally it’s the 18th, my BIRTHDAY… even if am writing my mid semester exams this period and I even have a paper tomorrow I am sooo excited and am really grateful to God for another year and seeing me through my teen years. Continue reading “NOVEMBER THE 18th”



Wearing:”Louboutin” printed sweat shirt | My mum’s trouser pants(similar) | Terranova slip ons

The sweatshirt is not the actual brand, I’m not sure if louboutin even makes clothing but its my fav sweatshirt because its red, and Continue reading “MAMA’S PANTS”



HAPPY NEW MONTH guys… So, I really feel so terrible with how I lag at blogging since I started all over again.  As a university student, I thought it was going to be hard but I always do have time to spare, the only problem I sometimes face is finding time and someone to shoot my outfits. Continue reading “BAD HABITS”


Omg! finally its fall, I am so excited, this is my favourite season of the four. From my daily  coffee to comfortably wearing knits in a warm cool weather, not too much layering and not to talk of how fresh I always feel in this season. To be very honest with you, sometimes the cold gets to me, like right now as I make this post I am on a level of cold I don’t really enjoy much -_- but warm sheets and hot coffee keeps me typing. Continue reading “MY FALL WISHLIST”


Hello, this is my first blog post and to be honest, I am so happy with myself to finally start this blog and yeeey! Well, my name is Tejiri, most people call me teejay, I am a Nigerian female blogger, I read way too much blogs and  that made me think  of how to start grand but then I said to myself “young woman, you didn’t grow up in one day… you started as a baby, into a toddler and gradually now into a preety young lady” *rolls eyes sarcastically* hahahahaha well yeah… Continue reading “BABY STEPS”