At last!! the week is coming to a close and all I can really think about is the weekend and how to dive into it; meanwhile hello there, I told you in the last post Continue reading “STORYTIME: FIT FOR THE G’DAY”


What am Wearing: Convocation Gown and cap (university plaza) |some other outfits underneath(deets in my next post)

Hello SBG readers! so, yesterday we may have cried but life goes on so today, we continue the celebration because am offically now part of the working class; a degree holder. Most of you already drenched me with so much love and congratulatory messages from all corners and I want to use this medium to say thank you so much to all of you, may God bless you.
Well, my mum would say Continue reading “NEW BEGINNINGS”


Listening to Sam smith – One Last Song
Growing up, I could never count how many siblings in my mother’s house, they always multiplied to me until at a certain age I found out there nine. Out of this nine,  I was close to the last five in my mothers house, they came and left because of school but only one stayed consistent even in school and his NGO he ran. This is just a letter to him even if he may not see it…. Continue reading “LETTER TO GABBYJONES”


Hello guyzz!!! Let’s pretend like I haven’t been away for the longest time and just continue where we stopped about a month ago. Continue reading ““FRIEND-SHIP””


I would mostly described it as see through and naked; not like I am overexaggerating or not telling the truth but I mean I guess that’s why I just never gave it a chance in my life; Continue reading “MESHED UP”