Hello guys!!! Happy Easter to you all! I really hope you all are enjoying the mini break? I mean it’s not even enough to take a trip (for most people like, it’s a valid excuse to take a whole vacation) but it’s long enough to take a two hour nap I believe. So, once upon a time, about 5 years ago, I told the world Easter was my favourite holiday; that was when I was openly active on YouTube. I can’t remember why I said that or what triggered me to make such a declaration but I did and this weekend, I was reminded why…

Growing up, we were never really made to understand the depth and value of the Easter break, I came home from boarding school and just enjoyed the break. There wasn’t a big celebration like the way it was during Christmas. As far as I can remember, my catholic friends went into mourning and abstained from eating fish and meat. I think they had a chance of understanding the Easter season better as children but it so happened most of the friends I had then did it because it was the religious doctrine, only a few understood why.

Christmas holidays were the golden days of the year, we knew ‘he was the reason for the season’ so share all love, gifts and be in constant celebration for the Lord has given us a saviour!! Even non Christians, celebrate, share gifts and throw parties during the Christmas season

I was in that group of jolly good fellows and it wasn’t till a few years ago I really understood the true meaning of Easter and how important the season was for me as a Christian. This season, the ‘saviour’ fulfilled the purpose of his coming, this time, the true essence of love in John 3:16 made a meaning, this time, I was the reason for the season, this time I realised the depth of the sacrifice made on the cross for my life, so I could be cleansed and free from death, his life for my life; blood bought, Jesus paid it in full!

It’s a very deep reflection and a vast epiphany. And this year, I went into some kind of reflection again, it hit me even more why I had to do everything necessary to make sure I meet this man who gave up his life so I could live and He has risen on the third day just like he said, defeated death so I can be victorious in everything I do. Not enough words can express my gratitude for such a sacrifice. Not enough!!!

So as a representative of Christ here on earth, I declare that if Jesus is up, risen from the grave and victorious over death, then I too am up! I am risen and victorious over l death and the enemy!!! Hallelujah!!!

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