Well, I knew if I didn’t put out a post today, that’s it, gone! All my plans for blogging this year would be ruined, my calendar destroyed and boom! Another cycle of procrastination, regret and emotional torment. I’m serious about this space and I need to start acting like it. 2020 was almost a difficult year, from moving out of Nigeria again, settling down, continuing my business, trying to find balance within academics, my business and my job, all in the middle of a PANDEMIC?!!

Firstly I’m thankful for a new year, this month of January has basically been me restructuring my relationship with God, it’s been amazing; the learning process with God is always amazing, I’ll liken it to swimming. From the way he pulls you into the pool (Christ) and let’s you find your feet, then he holds you through the water as you flap and struggle, gives you a float tube(the Holyspirit), which helps in the learning process of swimming (learning the word of God). Till you learn and become a perfect swimmer and even then, God will always be there with you through every stage even in the middle of the ocean. Then your float tube transforms into a life vest (still the Holy Spirit). That’s what this month has really felt like, it felt like I was learning to know God all over again from the basics and it’s just one of the best feeling ever as a Christian

If I’m being honest, I did lose sight of my place in the kingdom. I got quite carried away and was too comfortable in my distractions and my focus was shifted. I noticed late last year, praying almost seemed difficult, the words wouldn’t come out my mouth the way it used to, scriptures were beginning to fade out my prayers, my time with God became so shortened. Thankfully I was positioned rightly when I visited a friend and I heard a sermon from Apostle Suleman (Nigerian pastor) talking about “hunger for God”. It was then I realised I was breaking the edge and I was letting in distractions in my heart. I had to start working on myself inside out. I think I should write a post on the steps I took to put myself in order and on track, would you want to read that?

As for resolutions and goals, I didn’t really put any new ones for this year, I’m still very much active with goals from last year. I have just decided to change the strategy for execution this year and commit it to the Lord. That covers my lifestyle as an entrepreneur, a mediator, a designer, a writer, and Christian lady😉

I hope to write more this year, especially here, if possible, everyday and that’s part of the plan, not going to let this pandemic stop me because I’m making a travel plan this year, create more contents with brands (I actually have campaigns for this year planned from next month; another blog post for another day) Please I pray you don’t get tired of me and if you follow me on any social media platform, please hold me accountable to these words🙏🏽😫

That’s has been my 2021 so far. Short but it’s been quite productive. How’s 2021 going for you? has it been more like 2020? Any major changes?Any epiphany? New strategies? New goals? are you letting go/did you let go of anything currently and have you/are you picking up any new thing; hobbies, relationships, jobs? Please meet me in the comment section let’s chat

Stay jiggy guys


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