Christ is born!!!!! The word of God is made flesh. Oh how wonderful!!!

Sometimes I imagine if there are people who don’t know the exact day they were born and just mark their birthdays with any day of the year because that’s what we Christians did on the 25th for Jesus

Today I see so many celebrating the season but not the reason. I see the joy but it don’t feel like Christ is behind it. So many parties, so many gatherings but the foundation doesn’t lead to the real reason. This is why we preach, this is why more souls need to be reached to the kingdom, this is why the fathers business(God’s business) should be our business(children of God).

Well it’s Christmas!!! And my vibe was unexpectedly high up there today when I woke up . All glory to God for the people who covid-19 didn’t stop their groove this season. The pandemic did real take the groove out of 2020 till now, we all thought it would be over but here we are still fighting this virus like a principality. Apparently all activities have been halted till further notice in Cyprus. Curfew has been announced and everyone should be in their houses by 10:00pm; hmmmnnm just when the night begins… KMT!

Sooo how did my day go??… it was totally amazing I really tried to do the Christmas tradition of playing carols the moment I woke up and the whole early morning cooking. Guess what?! I tried but no energy to cook anything special. All I did was go out, get some more chicken, spice and fry the chicken and I heated my rice from yesterday. I couldn’t even make an extra plate of salad🥴😂😂. The laziness was on high, after eating, I stayed cuddled up watching Christmas movies till evening and when it was time to go to my friends house for her little thing, (oh I made the decision to go celebrate with my friend who stays far away, Chips. My ride ended up wasting my whole evening and I had to cancel. I felt so bad because I already made plans but then it got ruined by a very disorganised person urrghh!!! I finally returned to my cuddles and movies as I slept through it all in peace and woke up to more food (don’t ask me how or where from😅)

Finally, it was an awesome day, I managed to get some Christmas pictures and selfie when I was out and when I got back, I just made myself comfortable, warm and fed myself some more. I enjoyed every bit of it especially the chicken frying, it was epic I tell you, the oil splashing out the pan and me running to save my life…Wheew! I’m going to have “tattoo marks” from the hot oil splash but it was worth it, the chicken got digested rightly as compensation

I truly hope you enjoyed your Christmas celebration and you got to spend it around family and friends who love and appreciate you? Please if you have a moment, do share your favourite moments from your Christmas celebration

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