There’s a song we sing today and today only in my home country. It’s interpreted “whats today?” And the response is “today is the eve” “tomorrow will be what? tomorrow will be Christmas” you can only sing it today and its originally sung in local english like this:

“Today Na Wetin? Today na watch night! Tomorrow na wetin? Tomorrow na Christmas!!!

It’s so beautiful when I see children in excitement running and singing being happy and carefree. I really wish I could be all that but adulting has taken over. I’m definitely looking forward to what dish I plan to make, who I may invite over and the venues *winks* I’ll be visiting tomorrow

For today, I stayed home, watched movies and tried a new recipe for my jollof rice. I used butter instead of frying oil, reduces the spices and used a new key ingredient. Guys!!! It was so niceeeee, I mean it was banging nice. I sent a plate to a friend and he’s yet to give me feedback but I barely praise my own cooking so I trust me when I say this was nice. Can’t wait to see how tomorrow goes. I mean I have made plans but let’s just see how it goes

I’m thankful for this week and the decisions I have made for this period. I pray the reason for this season, Jesus Christ never departs from our hearts and homes. May his love forever rain in our lives. Amen



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