“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!”
–1 Chronicles 16:34

OMG! Time fliessssss! I always want to write out the post before day ends but I always want to live through the whole day before I write it out. 12 hours ago, I was composing my Instagram post to announce my successful two days of blogging… sorry it just clicked, that was roughly 28hours ago.

Well, Blogmas day 3 was supposed to entail how my thanksgiving Sunday went and how personal I took it in church yesterday. 2020 has been carried a lot of testimonies Every song of praise and worship was personal. At some point, I could feel tears in my eyes because only God can truly understand how thankful I was from the depth of my heart; with my life, I am grateful!
Thanksgiving service was full of joy, singing and dancing. It was all to God’s glory. If you follow me on instagram, you would see the pictures afterwards, some decent clean shots. I’ll share below. hehehehe

For today, day 4, I completely tried to stay of social media and i just tried my best to focus on a few projects, closed accounts for work, rounded up business and attend to all clients in time for Christmas. As I do this, I’m burdened with the thought of what to get my loved ones for Christmas this year. I have not bought a single Christmas gift nor donated to organizations that reach out to children to make Christmas a wonderful experience. It’s really eating me up and hopefully I can do something about it within tomorrow.

Nothing exciting really happened today, just stayed home and took care of my affairs and hopefully I’ll be done tonight and focus on other things tomorrow so I get get my Christmas spirit up. I mean it’s 2 days to Christmas and I don’t have a Santa’s hat yet, not a single Christmas party, well lets blame aunty rona for that. Other than that, I believe everyone will most likely celebrate Christmas virtually… on zoom! huuuugh! it is well.

Please, If you get the chance, try to reach out to organizations to make donations and make this Christmas merry for kids and not as privileged people around the world… I would have loved to share some I would allow you to you research for yourself and find the best you would want to share love to.

happy new week
stay safe out there


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