TODAY was a true reminder of how much I had neglected my family over the last few months and just focused so much on myself than on any else really.


True! Family is everything and sometimes it can be really draining dealing with some family members and all their issues especiallywhen you have your own issues going on too but I got a very different perspective today.

Early this morning, I woke up to start a project I had been procrastinating and I somehow went on social media(you never know when you do really) and stumbled on my sisters recent status update.
As I read it, I could feel she was lonely and she said she something about missing my dad(rip) at the end. I knew that wasn’t just it so I texted her and made her know I was available if she needed to talk and immediately, she called me on a video call and I got to speak with my nieces and we even picked out an outfit for the wedding she was going to attend later on. She smile at the end of the call before we hung up and that smile meant so much because it said so much more than just thank you.
It warmed me up from the inside

Fast forward to a few minutes later, my older brother adds me back to the family chat group I’ve literally been out of for months. It meant so much, almost having the feeling of the lost sheep who was found… hahahaha not exactly but having everyone talk, laugh and throw jokes on the group made me so happy, the last time everyone in my family sat together on a table was like in 2015.
This time last year, I was home for Christmas, but it was just me, my youngest sister, my mom and dad; I pray we can all come together soon and share not just a group chat but a full table and be jolly…

Please Don’t take spending time with your family for granted
If you’re reading this, I truly hope you get to spend an awesome time with your family this season and if you arent with family, try to reach out. Merry Christmas in advance!!!

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