Do I say welcome back to my blog or do I say I’m back and I’m going to do my best? 😂😂
Either way, I am here to clean the cobwebs and wipe the corners. It’s been way too long and at some point, it stopped bothering me I wasn’t updating the blog; at least once or twice a month. Zero effort from my ends. Even Instagram became a big job for me. Last month, my domain expired and I felt it was time to end blogging.
I totally forgot why I started this blog and the only feeling I had was I didn’t want to continue being absent, now, I’m not exactly sure what I was tired of ; being responsible for the growth of sprinkleofgold or just all the strikes 2020 had thrown at me. At the mere thought of deleting the blog, (mind you this was not the first time) again I remembered what the blog meant to me and how writing was my way of escape, when the right words wouldn’t come out, writing was how I felt heard. Writing is a gift and SOG is my open ground to utilise that gift so here I am! Ready to blog my Christmas in writing. Yeeeey!

Okay! So I really wanted to start this days back and let it run for the whole 12 days of Christmas but I kept missing the writing time I set with my own self! I decided by all means to start today and run a seven day blogathon😜 and since seven is a number of perfection, what better way to start my blogmas series?
It’s the first time I’ll be doing this in writing, it’s just my own little way to share my Christmas stories and spread the joy of Christmas in this year 2020.

We can all attest to the fact that 2020 has been that year… from the month of January till now, all I can say is THANK YOU, thank you to God, 2020 and a few actors and factors for making me realize that even at the toughest when I feel like nothing is working, everything is actually working for my good. The blogmas has begun and I look forward to the amazing content I’ll be able to create in this wonderful season of giving!!!

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