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Hello guys! happy new month (its still the 5th, I mean…) hope the first 5 days have been productive and exciting. So I have been drowning myself in a lot of skin care knowledge recently and I thought it’s only right I share with my online family.

Apparently, I have been in the dark, I recently just realized sunscreen is not a ‘white people thing’ to avoid terrible tanning but an essential in skin care routine for all types, that is if you don’t want the sun to burn off your lil daily progress?!!! Yeah! Get you some knowledge and get yourself a tube ASAP!

First of all, what is sunscreen?
I’m not going to bore you with the unimportant stories, I’ll just tell you this; Sunscreen is sunblock in either lotion, spray, gel, foam, stick product that can absorb or reflect some of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and helps prevent sunburn. Most of you already knew this but did you know sunscreen generally combines ingredients to provide broad-spectrum coverage, which means it protects the skin against both UVA and UVB rays.
Sunscreens are measured in terms of their sun protection factor from UVB rays, more commonly known as SPF. If, for instance, you have a sunscreen with SPF 15, it means it will take 15 times longer for your skin to burn than it would if you weren’t wearing sunscreen at all, can you imagine that????!!!

Sunscreen for people of colour?
Now for a person of colour, research shows that on average black skin has a natural SPF 13.4 which is definitely a head start for people of colour… yeey! but certainly not enough to block out all those sun rays or prevent sunburn.
Now, for a good part of my developing life, I had no idea about all these till recently when I decided to take my skin care seriously and although my dermatologist recommended a suncreen with at least SPF 30+ was okay for my skin, the Nigerian in me went for SPF 50+, the highest protection I could find cos the sun wasn’t acting cool and I wasn’t going to act cool either.

The first day I got it 6 weeks ago

above is the sunscreen I’m currently using from AVENE and I’ll just briefly share the hows and whats so far

I have been on this sunscreen for 6 weeks now and all I can say is, CHANGES! I have noticed a big difference in my shade in the last 4-5 weeks and I have been loving it especially on my neck into my chest area. my complexion has been on a constant fluctuation for a bit now but this has helped a lot in my struggle to keep it balanced

It’s creamy, soft, very light when applied on the skin and sinks into the skin softly after a few circular rubs. Also, its fragrance free

yes!! this sunscreen is white! so it leaves white patches or should I say lines if you do not take your time to massage it into your skin delicately, now, I don’t always have the luxury of time to waste doing that on all areas of my body I need to apply to
I found a solution to this though; I started adding a little bit of oil to my sunscreen to make application easier and less time wasting.

This is my skin care gospel for today and I’m just going to put it out there, if you have not added sunscreen in your skin care, please get that addition this month and I apologise I couldn’t share more sunscreen options but I’ll advise you take time out to see a dermatologist and get recommendations; I really hoped you enjoyed this post.
Please do tell if you already on a sunscreen plug and share in the comment section which it is, how great it has been and if theres been any struggles you have experienced using it…

Wishing you a splendid week ahead, I love you guys
Till next time…
T.Gold Okorode

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