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First of all, happy new month, I have this rule of wishing people “happy new month” up until the seventh day of the month; it’s still the first week so, it’s technically still a new month till the 7th day. after then, I’ll just be making fun if I say it… lol.

soooo covid-19 happened and all of us have had to take health safety precaution by staying in our homes; I hope it hasn’t been mentally draining for you?and you have been able to manage the situation by taking all health precautions to stay safe and healthy??
I’m slowly really enjoying every bit of being home. I’m normally a very stay at home person buuuut it still felt very uncomfortable at first, but now, I’m just like this is the real me yhoooo!!! it has been kind of relaxing especially with the necessary hustling I have been on for a minute now. Almost two months of quarantine and isolation and no I do not have a new skill, I haven’t learnt a new language or acquired a new online certificate but I have a slightly new body; if you follow me on instagram, you’ll probably be familiar with how I complain about my weight and how I wished to increase it a bit back to a size 38; that wish is slightly coming to pass, my body is gaining its full potential back again and to be honest, its making me very happy.

This month, I have decided to share a very delicate part of me with my readers and online fam. Writing is one of the ways I heal and I have struggled and delibrated a lot on if to share this part of me because its a side I love to keep personal because I’m just very private like that.. lol
I titled this opening up because this is going to trace my journey of love, depression and healing I had to face through the course of the last one year.

sooooo, I’m just out of a 5 year relationship/ 7 year friendship and to be honest, at this point, all I can say is being broken, depressed, confused is not a place to be without Christ at all. Right now, I must confess, I’m glad I had to go through such phases because even with the mixture of emotions, I could somehow still carry on and that made me realize I was stronger than I even thought I was, I even had the opportunity to talk to and encourage other women who were going through these phases and when I said “girl I totally understand what and how you feel” and I meant it and they felt it. so within the weekends of this month, I’ll be dropping the different phases of pain, joy, progress, relapse and healing I have to to go through in the last year and maybe it may help someone out there know they aren’t alone and maybe they can find strength in my my words

It mostly started this same time last year, we (my partner and I) had been apart for barely 3 months and the quarrels had started to reduce…
I’ll be here tomorrow with a follow up on the story *winks*

till the next post….
T.Gold Okorode

5 thoughts on “THE OPENING

  1. Sending you lots of love babe. I ended a 4 friendship/2 year relationship and it wasn’t easy to get over it.

    I spent days crying myself to sleep, nights awake & asking God why I ever got into the relationship in the first place. Today, not only did I get over that break-up but I’d be getting married (After Rona)

    You are loved! ❤️

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    1. How do you guys even manage to do all these several years relationship shit?wowuu,myself in barely few months into the partnership, either one of us already forgot about each other 😊

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    2. OMG! I’m sooo happy for you… God will always see us through; I know
      Thank you sooo much. This is so much encouragement for me. I pray you never know what that phase looks like ever again. HML in advance babe

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