heeeeeeeey guuuyyyssssssss!!!
there’s nothing like a good comeback/ return and I really wish this was one of those but No! this is me subtly and quietly dropping this post to say I didn’t quit blogging neither forget this space. I come here once in a while to read my former blog post, edit my drafts and say hi to my new followers. I always made post but never really found the right time to put it out there but then when is the right time ever going to come ? I’ve discovered there’s no right time to chase your dreams, passions or anything that drives you. You’ve just got to get up and JUST DO IT. Okay! Nike has got to sign me a cheque for that ad…lol

Sooo, seven months ago yeah?? that’s a very long time to stay off creating and sharing; but that was just the date on my last post, where I gave a short back story about acquiring my degree, moving back to Nigeria, how hectic it was to start my service year, basically, my struggle as the average ‘I just got back’ Nigerian with less or no responsibilities and still stressed out of my mind. I just thank God for seeing me through all of it with a sane mind and by his grace
Plus, I am totally late & thoroughly ashamed to say this but going by my 7/70 day rule, permit me to just quietly say “welcome to 2020”; a year of total perfection in all things we do. I guarantee you that and I hope the year has been as good and productive to you as it has been to me

Months down the lane, It hasn’t been so different, I had to force myself to get used to the system, the weather; It wasn’t the best but when life keeps giving you lemons, you make lemonades, lemon tea and keeping selling them, till you make an ‘everything lemon company’ out of it and you can finally afford red wine, champagne or whatever you’ll rather sip on…lol
well, I haven’t been up to so much, which is very weird. It’s more like I’ve been going through a creative block phase because of different unfavorable factors as I would like to describe it but I believe it was just all in my head. I also had to face the slight fear of losing my domain name again; it would have been the second time. I’m just so happy I was able to maintain it and above all, I have really missed being here, talking to you all, creating, writing and just being in my comfort space of creativity. For now, if you noticed, I gave the blog a face lift which I’m still working on; I hope its easy for you to navigate through. please if it isn’t, drop a comment and let me know

I promise 2020 isn’t going to be like the last one year of struggling; dude, I have my whole motivational team behind me, my creative team; I’ve had to set up a team so I can be more accountable from this point on, sprinkleofgold is a whole team but I’m still your writer and ever devoted blogger/creative. Totally can’t wait to introduce all the brands I”ll be working with and all the content I’ve put together for your digest. please don’t forget to subscribe or follow up if you are on WordPress here.
it would mean a lot. Thank you

To my new subscribers, welcome! welcome!! thank you all for joining my family here. My name is TEEJAY, TEE, or T-GOLD and you can find out more about this space and details of how to reach out to me through my about page. Please check it out and feel free to express yourself here. I love you so much already, to my old teefam members, how are you and how have you been? please if there’s an update blog post I need to catch up with, please I would be so glad to read through. do leave a link below for me. thank you so much. I love you guys

till next time….
T.Gold Okorode

p.s these very nice portraits were shot by a Nigerian based photographer in Abuja, imajigraphy on Instagram. please check out the page and show some love and patronize if you have a shoot. he’s really good and totally down to earth

2 thoughts on “CATCHING UP

    1. thank you for your comment and for subscribing.
      True, consistency is not an easy road but nothing good comes easy. I read your mail and I hope we stay friends henceforth


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