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Just me flexing after a catch up and make up session with @zantiara_lagos on Instagram

This time a year ago, I was either eating berries, watching movies indoors or just laying at the beach. I’m really surprised how we are already talking about the 2nd of JULY splitting the year 2019 into two equal parts I’m still shook about it; all that had happened in the last one year, most especially the first half of this year 2019, was like a flash
One minute I’m a graduate, the next I creating a brand, before I knew it, I was busying stacking that paper(earning money) and all of a sudden, I’m back home with my family trying to get a hold of the Nigerian lifestyle; all in oooone yeeear!

So, reality hit me on the 20th of June 2019, I was on snapchat when I decided to view the throwback of what had happened the previous years on that same day; this was when I realized I was a year old graduate.
guyssss!!! One year?! 365 days had gone by like that…
Me being me, I had to settle down to reflect (constantly been avoiding accountability in the course of the year), basically on what I have been up to? what I had achieved? what is the one thing I could celebrate myself for in the next 365 days? any regrets?

After I graduated a year ago, I purposely didn’t come out of the break I had given myself until November(my birth month). I literally did nothing really useful from July till October. I felt so accomplished with my first degree; STUPID THINKING! I mean don’t get me wrong, it was an accomplishment but not to the extent of relaxation I took it.
You know when people apply for jobs, think of furthering their education, just traveling to explore, or search for new opportunities, I did none of that…
yeah! The laziness reeked even here on the blog, from my graduation post(not so far below) till this post, my laxity was so obvious when it came to blogging and content creation even on my instagram. I was just interested in having as much fun I could in the summer and most of fall until my birthday, then it hit me I had to do something for myself, stir up a passion, pursue a cause.
I started making plans to birth an idea I had been mentally pregnant with for the longest time but school had always been the excuse; that was starting my own clothing brand with my original graphic designs/ ideas.

Fast forward to February 2nd, 2019, I launched my clothing brand GOOT which is acronym for ‘Greatest Of Our Time’. If you follow me on instagram, you would know this.
guysss! even before the launch date, I already had some orders to meet up ‘cos I had started advertising by myself but honestly and most importantly, God was with me.
Winter collection was sold out successfully and I was well pleased.
these are pictures of me in the very first original designs from the winter collection

By March, I was back in NIGERIA and till this moment you are reading this, I have never been more stressed, upset and unhappy being part of a system that doesn’t work effectively, cares less about the organizations under it and those who are actively part of what makes it a system in first place.
First of all was the climate; I started getting really dark, plus I had to get used to the fact that in most case, public offices only recognize the currency in your hands and not the weight of the issue at hand. You have to be careful not to step on just anybody toes because apparently, everyone is angry in the NIGERIAN society.
I do not even want to go into the laxity of workers because “the country is hard and there’s recession”; I grew up and was trained in this country and it has never been so bad honestly.

Before I even arrived, I had started the process of my national youth service (where you serve the nation for exactly a year to probably show you’ll never unpatriotic, I really don’t get the fundamentals though) to my great nation and to be honest, the process almost landed me in depression with time wasting as “an international student” and unnecessary spending to get some documents. I really just wanted to do this and be done with it because I knew I would need it in the nearest future, if not?… LOL
My parents offered to help with their connections but I was very determined to get things done my way; NEVER AGAIN! my father eventually intervened when he saw how I broke down and started crying from the frustration of the whole process and boom! what I had waited 3 months (even resulted to praying seriously) to go through appeared in my national youth service portal within 7 hours.

Well, my first three months of settling proper into the Nigerian living has been slightly tough, everybody blames the sitting president but to a large extent, we Nigerians are the cause of most of our problems but something must take the blame ‘so throw the government under the bus because they have been negligent anyway’
talking about neglecting, I had to neglect or rather put a pause on so many things concerning my lifestyle, upgraded a few, changed a few and just searched for the best ways to put a balance on many things; I’m still settling into this new system Nigeria has adapted and truly hope we do better but I should be used to it before the next one year at most…
I try to balance my life with the frustration everyone wants to rub off on me daily with having fun here and there and I’m pretty excited to start my service year this month which includes me traveling to another city to start my life on my own.
I have lined up a few adventures for the second half of this year, all includes traveling around Nigeria and I’ll be sharing through vlogs and posts; I already started with Lagos state and I can say that to really enjoy yourself in this country, you need a pretty decent budget. Thankfully, I’m a privileged entrepreneur so we give God the glory.
Anyway, I just wanted to drop an update and to inform my sprinkle of Gold fam that I’m well, happy, just adjusting but still a blogger and to wish you a happy new month Of July, happy half of 2019 and happy 4th of July to the Hegemon in the international community…
I pray the remaining part this week and weekend will be great, productive and relaxing for you

lets discuss please, I have missed you guys so much:
So, who can relate to my story especially as a Nigerian?
What thing/s have you achieved or celebrated in the last one year?
What has really frustrated you so much you just wanted to run away from earth to space?
Have you had any recent change that really had a huge impact in your lifestyle?

T. Gold Okorode

Me presently; now in full recovery and in a more balanced mental state to resume my life and run this Nigerian race. To Jesus be my Glory

2 thoughts on “ONE YEAR LETTER

  1. I’m proud of you for writing this, finally, I hope more comes through. I love you and your future is forever bright. Keep going, I’ll be here as anchor or shield if you ever need one (you’re too strong so probably not). I’m rooting for you so much boo 🥇🥇♥️♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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