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If there’s any compliment I love hearing when I step out of my house everyday, its “wow you look good”, “Oh I love your outfit”; trust me, it gives me inner joy. Over the years putting my personal style together for my body type(my body is pretty confused, its like a mixture of petite but I’m fleshy, upper body is small and lower body is a size bigger, I think that’s how it mostly turns out anyway) has taken quite a lot of experiments, a lot of successes and a few potato days.

So, ladies, I’m gong to share just the basic tips to finding your personal signature style and getting outfits that suit your body type (no offense to the guys who read my blog, but you can still get one or two tips for yourselves and still throw it out to the females around you if they need an extra thought on their outFITS)

1. FIRST thing I always advise is know your size; be familiar with the numbers and the letters your body, (both upper or lower body) falls into; most times,When you know this, you can legit shop online without fear of sizing and shop without the testing stress and avoid buying the wrong pieces cos that’s just waste next is….

2. SECONDLY, organize your wardrobe, take out what you do not need, useless buys you never wear, probably because of sizing or color is just off for you and then, this isn’t necessary but its something I formed based on the way Im organized and that’s picking a palette; this adds a very organized look to your wardrobe
So, choose the colors you would love to see in your wardrobe and on yourself often, it may be nudes, blacks, blues, it may be the rainbow if you like… but just a palette that gives you a classy confidence. For me, I do mostly neutral colors and a “notice me, I’m here” color, which is Red! I mean that’s not even my favorite color but it’s what gives me the classy confidence when pulling an outfit off and it sure makes my skin pop. So, what I do is collect most of the kind of clothing that fit into my style in red and then I have neutrals to always tone it down.
this doesn’t mean that should be the only color that dominates your wardrobe but that is the main theme color you work with as go to and a “popping color” isn’t really necessary, its just me being extra; after this, you have to consider….

3. THIRDLY, how much of accessory do you enjoy doing and which do you focus on wearing often, for my jewelry accessorizing, I’m totally good if I have my watch, sunglasses and index ring (but some people love to go all out when it comes to jewelry accessorizing); that is all the accessory I need for a go to outfit and those are the only pieces of accessory I collect; but on some days, a watch and statement earrings are all I need I recently started having a thing for hats too so, I started collecting baseball hats, berets based on my wardrobe theme, for some, it could be purses and bags or bracelets.
I didn’t go out there getting green hats or berets when I know it has nothing to do with the theme I organize my wardrobe into. Do not get accessories you do not need, it just keeps your wardrobe disorganized and even when you try to organize it, it just makes it difficult; when you have an idea of this, next is to…

4. FOURTHLY, keep an inspiration board on Instagram, Pinterest or just a file on your phone with saved pictures of outfits you would love to see yourself in, collect a decent amount of images and by the time you are done, you should start seeing a common theme amongst the pictures you’ve put together, either casual, androgynous, girlie, official and what have you. Mind you, not all of those outfits will fit you based on your shape, lifestyle or even your climate; but it gives you an idea of what kind of style you prefer.
Either being covered up, showing off skin, pulling off oversized clothing, and what have you; and with addition to the tips above, you should have formed a foundation of what kind of clothes to get when shopping and how to gradually build your wardrobe with your dominant signature style
I really hope these tips will be helpful to building your signature style and hopefully make up own fashion as you pick your outfits.

Let me know in the comment section below if you find this helpful and want to see more posts like this and please feel free to add more tips so we can all learn

Till next time


  1. Lovely read Hun. It’s not my favorite colour but i feel the same way about red! I always put on a red lippie for that added pop and confidence it brings.You look gorgeous as always.


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