img_4365_facetune_24-01-2019-21-03-39WHAT AM WEARING: Turtle neck sweater(Quzu Official)|Belted crop pants(Quzu Official)| Adidas Stan Smith shoes(similar here)|PU leather Backpack(similar here)

What Hello guys, whats good? so, apart from the fact that I do not like turtle necks cos it’s just always in my face space plus I’m always pulling down and tugging whenever I wear them, but i wear them anyway cos they keep me warm and yooo! they make you look really cool and literally go with everything which I didn’t realize till now; imagine it from leggings to midi flare skirts, it’s a go; and these crop pants have been my favorite things this season, they are so comfortable and keep my waist area feeling snatched, if you check my last post here, I’m wearing another color. I don’t know how many I presently have but they’re rolling in and m’ loving them.
Also, I love how the white shoes and bag make my out fit look put together, what do you think? we’ll talk about that in the comment section; lets head into the storyline for today

Soooo… happy new year to you! hope you are blending into 2019 perfectly, it has been so pleasant and full of clarity that I haven’t been making that mistake usually made at the beginning of the year when writing the date; where you write the previous year instead of the present year. naaaaah! not this year.

Well, since June last year after my graduation from the university, I have been MIA here on the blog, very inconsistent in posting, just generally and even on social media; whenever I tried to write, I would just get stuck, (I even had a thought to delete my blog or just leave it where I stopped), I tried to keep up but I was going through so much changes, making hasty decisions, making plans, trying to overcome and just facing all the feelings that come with dealing with a whole different world but God has been faithful, He never let me down. When I had no other option, I kept God as my one and only option and He never failed, He answered whenever I needed him and came through when I called.
God is just faithful and all praise be given to his name.

Well let’s just say I went on blog leave and I’m back now. Well, if you noticed, ….or not, I had to change the domain from StyledbyGold.wordpress.com to SprinkleofGold.com; recently,  I made the decision to personalize and build styledbygold into a brand, but it was unavailable and going for a thousand dollars on some go daddy site when I tried to make it the domain .com heheheh, I didn’t even think of making payments, like where was the money coming from??? My savings wasn’t even up to quarter of that. Lol
I was glad in a way because I didn’t want to focus my blog on just fashion or style, and styledbygold gave it that restriction so I had to pick another domain. Don’t get me wrong, my blog was primarily founded on fashion and style and will still contain a lot on that category but I didn’t want to be limited to that; this is my online dairy where I share a huge part of me with the you guys, just feels like I sprinkle bits of me in the world through my blog hence the new name “SprinkleofGold”.
So guys, WELCOME TO SPRINKLE OF GOLD! still same old Tgold, just improved, better and ready to sprinkle …more!

until next time
T.Gold Okorode

3 thoughts on “UP TO DATE

  1. Congrats on getting your own domain, I know how it feels to almost give up on this blogging thing, i even spoke about it on my recent post. It really gets tiring and uninspiring sometimes but then we thank God for his grace and motivation. He really is our source.


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