WHATS IN THE BOX? (Xmas gift guide ’18)

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Jingle bells! Jingle bells!!… merry Christmas guys! and I really have to apologize for my character in the past few months, I took off for like 5 months without a single post or notice. I am really sorry!!! well,  if you noticed, the name of the blog has changed and well… that’s story for another day.
Today, we stay festive and if like me you are still yet to shop for xmas gifts for your family and friends, shame on us but stay put as I have put out a few ideas to help you out in this season of shopping, giving and jollying.


A laptop bag…

Wallets and cardholders

Belts and cufflinks do come in useful when its time to go cooperate

Oh! ties and bow ties too. He’ll definitely thank you especially when this is not an everyday look, it’ll come in extra handy on a cooperate day

Collar pins, collar bars and lapel pins do add an extra spice to an outfit…. gift it and see

Everyone somehow has a bad hair day or a day for caps. it’s always just cool

Sunglasses; aviators are mostly always a great choice

Slip ons are really cool shoes, never met a man who didn’t have a pair at least

Gym much? he’s finna need to take protein shake, keratin mix or just water

Enough him ideas, but these are just a few ideas that are not regular and not way out of budget except you want to splurge


I mean!!! jingle shoes! jingle shoes!! jingle all the way. Get some heels; sandals, shoes just get ya girl some shoes

Neck piece is always so sweet especially if she likes to accessorise and if it has like a locket, go for it immediately and attach a picture; just something cute that expresses your love

Bags; from bum bags to back packs, purses,

Earrings; from simple hoops to embellished, just be thoughtful of her style

Lovely scarves; to keep warm or accessorize on the hair, neck or bags

A water bottle also is a great idea too


Well hurry!!! you have like four days left!!! hope I was able to be to be of help

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