At last!! the week is coming to a close and all I can really think about is the weekend and how to dive into it; meanwhile hello there, I told you in the last post I would give my outfit detail in this post. Before anything, thanks to those of you who were just bombarding with love on all my social media… oooouuuh!! I love you all and thank you. Now to the gist.
Firstly, let me tell you of the one that scared me the most, the trouser pants. I made lots of videos on my #roadtograduation but am yet to edit any of it.
So not too long ago on Instagram, I was showing of how I managed to slide back to a size 38 with the help of eating well and all little did I know that few weeks later, I’ll be hustling to reduce back to a size 36. Apparently, when I saw the pants, they screamed everything I wanted even if I really wanted to be caught wearing a jumpsuit on my grad day but the pants spoke a language that changed my heart.
Inside the changing room, I checked the label and found out it was a size 36, I didn’t give up ooo; It took me nearly 10 mins to make sure I don’t destroy the zip of clothe I have not even checked the price tag of but I manged to slide it in carefully, sucked all my life in so my tummy could at least align with my ribcage as I carefully and quietly dragged the zip up. Guys! did you needed to see the way I looked like better person, it aligned every curve perfectly even gave me extra, I took it despite the size, I was willing to take the risk, I had four weeks till the D-day.
Immediately I got home, I went ahead to get a lot of lemons for what I’ll describe as the strongest detox water I ever had in my life; that is the fastest way I know how to lose weight. I drank it everyday for that whole month; meanwhile I was skipping meals, called my gym trainer but with the whole process and stress I was going through, I couldn’t even see the entrance of the gym with my eyes talk less of my legs walking in there.

Fast forward to a week before grad, some issues from nowhere started arising from my department, I just handed it over to God because I really truly didn’t want any stress; I needed my skin to start glowing ASAP but guess what? it was that week the signs of Mother nature’s monthly visit decided to show on my face. My father in heaven, who did I wrong? I had tried to book a nail appointment a week earlier with my manicurist Gala, but she said she was fully booked, so am like “call me when anyone misses their appointment and I’ll appear” I cared less about that in fact, I cared more if to go change my shoes to a size 39 or if I should remain with 38 because I will be walking around a lot, I needed maximum feet comfort. Back to the pants, by sunday the 18th, I tried it again and boom! it fit nicely, no need to seize breathing for the sake of zipping.
I had gotten my hair weeks before so that was settled buh…, the blouse to match the trouser was ready too even if I didn’t like it, anything to make those loose pants look hugging and stunning on me.
Two days to grad, I settled for the shoes at size 38, I started loving the blouse cos it gave the illusion a of bigger front side(I was feeling that), I straightened the hair and added styling moose and it was giving me so much joy, pants were the right fit(even if I had to sacrifice my booty for that); everything was beginning to come together, but one last thing, my nails were not done yet, I couldn’t trust just anybody to deliver for my nails, I trusted only Gala (my manicurist) and she was yet to call me back; I went into town and found this place with barely any customers, she was really excited and ready to kick off with the nails and am like “ma’am chill” let’s move it til tomorrow. Something within me just did not trust her plus the price wasn’t appealing to me so I postponed it till the following day. Getting home that night, I knew I wanted only Galaz nails to to be my grad nails so for the last time, I messaged her on Instagram again with my heart doing gbim gbim gbim and after a while, she’s like “Okay, come by tomorrow in the morning”… My dear, I missed the appointment I had in the registrars office that day for nails lol but that was how I got my nails done and everything was set for grad by the 19th for the next day which was the D day. After everything, I said to myself, “if you have to run helter skelter just just for graduation, then when it’s time to get married, hmmmm

Have you ever been this tensed for any event you have been looking forward to?
And how do you keep your calm if you get this nervous and tensed?

till next time
T.Gold Okorode

12 thoughts on “STORYTIME: FIT FOR THE G’DAY

  1. TGold no be guy name oh. If I tell you say e easy na set up because who no go no know. I am proud of you my baby sister. Before my very eyes you have grow into a noble laureate and I am so appeased at your level or oratory. I am not in any overwhelmed because I have always known that greatness is in you. Keep it up darling. Better days are ahead and big congrats to you.


  2. this is your daddy I am so proud of you in your wards, your writeup is so great and educating. I love you and will always love you. This is your just your beginning. My God will surely be with you and protect you in Jesus name Amen.
    Major. George (rtd)

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  3. my pikin you are beautiful in graduation and I love your blog so much, you write very well. Congratulations my pikin it shall be well with you.

    Liked by 2 people

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