What am Wearing: Convocation Gown and cap (university plaza) |some other outfits underneath(deets in my next post)

Hello SBG readers! so, yesterday we may have cried but life goes on so today, we continue the celebration because am offically now part of the working class; a degree holder. Most of you already drenched me with so much love and congratulatory messages from all corners and I want to use this medium to say thank you so much to all of you, may God bless you.
Well, my mum would say “its not man that put that gown on you, it’s God” and no lie, it’s truly and only God; as I put on that gown and cap, to be handed my certificate, all glory was to his name cos the things that surprisenly came up in these last days were definatley things I could’nt explain but with prayers and a good fight of faith, I overcame. Then special thanks goes to my parents, extended family members especially aunty Lohi and uncle G (RIP), Aunt Eddy, my loving sist Igho and my personal hypeman “B”. The list goes on and on to my friends, course mates and church for making this journey not as hot as the hell it was described as but a soothing relaxing journey as it should be, easing the tensions and pressures from every side . Too much talking, too much talking; thank God for making it possible, am a degree holder. Hallelujah! hahahhahaha. I really can’t write all in my heart, too long….
So, cheers to the days of my morning alarms, to making my way to class with sleepy eyes, to making new friends, to surprise quizzes and to sleepless nights, to fighting the good fight of faith and not giving myself a chance to doubt me; its made me a greater person and woman today; I look back with a smile to all the victories God gave me at every step and foward with courage as I start a new journey to achieve more victories.
Am just grateful to God for everything and I know this isn’t just the end of a tough journey but the beginnging of another beautiful one and just to encourage you, NEVER back down when you see challenges, never give in, fight it even when it seems you are not going past the challenge, trust God, he’s always there to give you a hand through it all.tj4tj7tj8img_6053_facetune_25-06-2018-13-45-19-1img_6060img_6057tj15Special thanks to FINC ARTS STUDIOS for these wonderful pictures, you can see the watermark on almost every picture and this is not even all…. you are just excellent at what you do, thank you so much.
Meanwhile, I need to gist you the full gist of the behind the scenes of this graduaton but in the next post.
Till next time
T.Gold Okorode
138850 signing out..

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