Listening to Sam smith – One Last Song
Growing up, I could never count how many siblings in my mother’s house, they always multiplied to me until at a certain age I found out there nine. Out of this nine,  I was close to the last five in my mothers house, they came and left because of school but only one stayed consistent even in school and his NGO he ran. This is just a letter to him even if he may not see it…. Image result for candle light
Uncle Gabby, you were my favourite, I could talk to you about anything, you had the most amazing stories from school every time, the biggest heart, even though tagged a black sheep, you were one of the whitest of them all. You literally gave me my first boy lecture hahaha just because our older neighbour called me princess and I blushed, there was no story of boys you didn’t give me that day; because of your NGO, which was educating students on HIV/AIDS, I remember finding loads of condom and new manicure sets in your bag one day and I was just lost and confused at sight of the condom but I did want a new manicure set though, you literally sat me down and gave me the briefest sex ed of my life, in such a comic way, it was the only one I truly understood, when my mum said I wasn’t up to the age of using perfumes, you bought me my first cologne which came in a gel form and you said ‘if you can’t spray perfume, oya rub this one, my niece must scent like an angel”. This one time you taught me how to make peppersoup in the opposite way and when I tried to correct you with my mum’s recipe, you  said my mum didn’t know how cook and I truly believed you over my mum, you had the most amazing stories of how sturbbon my mum was just to cheer me when she whoops me lol
Whenever we talked of the future, you’ll say “tee baby, two things you should never waste your time on, are things that don’t matter and people who think you don’t matter”; you were just the best Uncle I had, the only one that bothered to come back when I was on holiday, the only one that bothered about me…
Funny how I was just talking of checking up on our friends in my post yesterday, we talked on sunday and you were one of the few I messaged to tell of my graduation, just because your are one of my biggest hypemen. Over the years our relationship has been quite sour but you’ll call me, message me and get to know how schools treating me; this morning, I saw your pic on someones profile picture, I knew it wasnt your birthday, I felt it was sibling love but it clicked that I hadn’t shared my grad pic with you so I went on fb just to correct a post and there I was, staring at your pics with everyone dropping the RIP message underneath, called mum and she told me you fell sick and she took you to the hospital but she didn’t leave with you cos apparently you chose to join the angels this time around. In life, we may not remember everything a persons says, or everything they did for us, but one thing we never forget is how they make us feel and with you Gabbyjones, (his nickname) you made feel happy all the time, there was never a dull moment with you. NEVER! and I just want to say goodbye Uncle G and to remind you that you never bought my white wrist watch you promised me since 2005.

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