I would mostly described it as see through and naked; not like I am overexaggerating or not telling the truth but I mean I guess that’s why I just never gave it a chance in my life;last time I had something like this, I was 10 and I never had the chance to wear it anywhere cos my mum would always say “…remove that net and go wear something responsible”. From then on, if there’s any kind of clothing I avoid the most, frown on and never owned until last month, is mesh.
So, while picking pieces for spring, I found this top. First the colour caught my heart; pastel pink, so relaxing and perfect for spring; I knew I would remind myself till am 60 years old if I didn’t get it but then it was mesh, was I willing to risk getting it and not wearing it? I did give it a second thought and well well well….
Guess who is in a see through naked “netty” top now?
This life!

I must confess, this is the freest, most comfortable top I own. It’s literally feels like am walking around with just a bra as air moves in and out freely,best believe, I have gone in search for more of its kind; and a high waisted jean would have been very nice but I decided to paire it with this boyfriend jeans I have been looking for everywhere, finally got it for a giveaway price
I thought to try something risky from the 2018 spring colour palette; It has been trending this spring and thats ‘pink and red’ in an outfit; clashing right? I know
But I was swayed by a post on style by Ohaha which you can read Here  . I decided to take a risky path and it wasnt all that dangerous or what do you think?

Just being a regular city girl exploring and being happy; so, tell me
do you wear mesh?
what do you think about them if you don’t?
did you flow with the red and pink vibe this spring?
Till next time,

One thought on “MESHED UP

  1. I’m in love with the whole red and pink vibe… who would’ve ever thought they’d go together lol. And that top suits you perfectly.


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