I’ll love to share with you something I really love talking about a lot which is food but in an idiomatic manner; it’s a principle that helps me put myself in check.
You know, there’s a way we feed ourselves either when we are on a diet or when we just eat junk or eat anyhow and it just tells in our physical appearance? yeah! it’s relative to what you are about to read, only it’s directed what things we feed in our lives and how often we feed them. are they on diet or are they starving? I read an African proverbs recently that said “feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death”…. It did touch me.
Now what are the things we can feed in our lives?
Our passions, our goals, distractions, our plans, addictions, relationships and many more.
What food do we feed these things mentioned above with?
you can feed with your time, money, attention, your emotions.

An example is a student, for a satisfied result, you need to feed your academics with your time and attention by studying, as a business person, you need to feed your business with money and time for good profits, to learn a skill, you need to feed it with time, emotions and attention for you to become a pro, if you are addicted to something, you feed with attention, emotions and probably money to get a temporary satisfaction cos you keep going back for more; definitely, at every point in your life, there are things you constantly feed because you expect a kind of satisfaction from it

Now the question is are your feeding the right things? By right things here, I mean the things that bring about your growth (because growth should be a constant), your stability and possibly good influence on others. Many people feed the wrong things and even sometimes confuse it with their priorities. They invest so much of themselves in things that keep them stagnant or even degrade their status in different aspect of their lives. The main ingredient to this is choice; you have to choose what you want to feed and it’s either going to give you a feeling of accomplishment or regret. So, you’ve got to ask yourself questions
Is this right for me? will this help me achieve the result I want? etc.

I cannot tell you what is best for you, but one thing I can tell you is choose your priorities wisely, even in your relationships with people, set your goals, and in general the little things you know will result to your growth; when you have put these out, make sure you feed them with your all the resources you NEED to feed with; be it money, your time, your emotions. Give it your all till you begin to see the expectant results.
Most of the time, this isn’t easy, sometimes it may be inconveniencing as distractions, fear and irrelevant things begin to rise which will always be delightful to feed but always be conscious because it will take more of discipline than self motivation from you but you have to put your focus on track and know what you want.
When you know what you want and you feed it with attention and everything it needs to be fed with, even you will be proud of you at the end.

P.S-If you have any contribution or questions, feel free to drop a comment meanwhile there will be more photos of the outfit below in my next post; so stay subscribed or make sure you are following this blog

Till next time and All (food) photos by yours truly,
T.Gold Okorode


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