Miray fashion blouse(similar here or here)|Red Midi Skirt(similar here or here)|Boohoo Sandals|
WHAT?!…I cannot believe I have been sleeping on this statement piece for the longest time, I cannot just deal with my ignorance sometimes!!! These are a must-haves for days you don’t feel like really accessorizing so much, they’ll make all the statement in your outfit for you…Okay when these tassel earrings were really in style (not like they are out of style yet), I don’t know why, but I wasn’t really into them. I remember buying this particular one in the picture above just because I liked the neutral vibe.
After getting it, the challenge was finding the right outfit to match it with for the right occasion; not just that, the right hair style was kind of an issue too since it was just perfect when my hair was either laid sleekly backwards or packed; well after a few trials, I just abandoned it for a while.
This was until  recently when I came across this beautiful floral blouse which by the way was so out of my comfort zone because of the low neck style (am not really a cleavage person) but I got it still because of those bell sleeves; I summed the whole outfit up in my head as I paid for the blouse which was like a giveaway price; cost me like $8 if converted.
Well, I just totally loved how the outfit turned out, especially how the earrings and the sandals were having a low-key conversation; plus I didn’t look like a potato and I got to wear my bell sleeves; T’was a win-win
This was on Easter sunday and this was my look to church.

Well, best believe, I have bought me some other colours and I cant wait to put them in colour palettes with my outfits…
do you have these fringe earrings? if not, do you see yourself getting them?
and if you do, do you get second thoughts when you accessorize them?
*Links to similar items am wearing are above meanwhile shop some of my favourite tassel earrings below*

tassel1      tassel4      tassel2      tassel3

You can shop on ASOS HERE and HERE
Till next time xoxo…
T.Gold Okorode

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