Hello there, how’s your week going and how did the Easter break go? Great I hope.
I think in my whole journey as a woman and a Christian so far, this is the most sensitive topic I have ever discussed and gotten attacked for…my Question now is “Am I wrong to be a christian and feminist?” Brace yourself cod it’s gonna be a rant. I’ll give a brief background… read till the end please and drop your thoughtsSo apparently I joined this whole feminism thing last year 2017, I didn’t use to say anything about or even identify with it because I was ignorant of the fact that a lot of people have turned it from the initial basic definition to a “fight against men” or “misandrists” like I call them. I put up a video on YouTube over the weekend as I am documenting my final year in the university in videos and on IWD’18 I made a short video; a chit-chat between my friend and I as I asked “if guys should be feminist too?” And few hours later I got a very constructive attack from every line I wrote why am a hypocrite… lol

Let’s define feminism since this term has varied in meaning for a lot of people; Google describes feminism as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.”
As an aspiring politician(even though am already involved in politics in school until I start the real game) I prefer to go with this “Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal(I’ll explain why I struck this out below) and social equality of sexes. This includes seeking to establish educational and professional opportunities for women. Now looking in our society today, we cannot be ignorant of the fact that women have actually being going through and still going through (even if it has reduced to a certain level which is still not a good percentage) a phase of being denied certain rights and opportunities because of their gender.

I’ll use Nigeria as case study here (sorry I am IR student so C.S is important for every topic). (This is not in my home though, my mother will never have it but) From when we are kids, the girls are being made to do the house chores, stay in the kitchen by force even if they do not want to; they call it preparation to be good woman/wife which am not against at all but the boys have freedom a certain extent to order their sisters around even if they aren’t older and even exempted from some certain chores because, I quote “he’s a man”. This mentality follows them till they are grown and this has affected the thinking of a lot of women today causing a serious lack in their independence and self discovery.
Even our local movies portray it when boys are being sent to school and the girls stay home to help mama because he’s “the man” and the girl will find a man who will marry and take care of her, it happens in real life too; at this point, their chance to dream and initiative to be something more than that is being snatched away. They are not taught enough to be their own person, to aspire to be what they want. They are mostly caged with the ideology that as a woman, a man will take care of you; “lazy ambition” as I like to call it. Women are way more stronger than that, we can see it in our mothers as we grow

Now moving to the political aspect; according to research, in Nigeria we have the representation of women with at least 35% of both elective political and appointive public service positions; good enough percentage but looking at our political sector, it feels like the voices of women are being overshadowed because I do not hear it; feels like we are still being suppressed even when given power… take an example from Mrs. Maria Ude Nwachi who was suspended for taking too many pictures and Dino Melaye that has turned a constant joke in recent times; they work in the same place . Not enough women standing up politically because of the fear of being overshadowed and training from when they were young that the men will lead; lets not forget there was reason God saw Adam and said he needed a helper.

Till this moment am typing and you are reading, women in some parts of the world are not being paid equally to their male counterparts for doing the same job description and some do not even get educated or aspire to be who or what they want to be because the gender inequality mentality the society has formed still lingers. Call it injustice or non-priviledge or misogyny, it’s still says something needs fixing and what kind of christain would I be if I and do nothing about it

Since the time of old even in the Bible, men were always dominating, and I can say well it started when Eve ate the forbidden fruit and was cursed that even when she desires her husband, he will dominate her and some men just decided not to end it within the walls of their home but Jesus didn’t die for us to still be cursed so his death has cancelled that curse first of all. Meanwhile some Christians like to say feminism supports being proud and it doesn’t go in line with Christian doctrines tbh and just to be clear, as a Christian I stand to show love and bring growth to every person that comes along my path both physically and spiritually; not to any specific gender. My spirit eyes knows no gender but my physical eyes sees the huge gap between how much women and children are bigger victims of many devaluing treatments in our society today
Everyone both male and female equally reflect Gods image as human beings; neither is superior(Genesis 5:1-2) treating others with respect and dignity they deserve only shows how we value Gods image; everyone reflects Gods as a unique person.
With the training and teachings I have gotten so far as a Christian, I will not fold my arms to sit and watch while a certain people are being treated unfairly or not given opportunities because of gender, GENDER!!!. In Isaiah 1:17, it says to seek justice and one way for justice to be served in our world today is to curb that ideology that one gender is higher than one and regardless of gender, let’s show everyone respect, love and acceptance; give them opportunities to take a shot at what they want to be, a chances to make changes, a reason to be paid/given what they have labored for should be without question of gender.
I try as much as I can to show love to everyone as I would to myself and standing up for a woman like me is one way; same way I would stand for a man I see in a position where he may be mistreated because of his gender, its rare but it happens; MEN HATERS ARE REAL
Above I struck out personal because not everyone wants to be ‘something’, some like the lazy ambition and you can’t force them dream and also I belive marriage is personal, and it should be the way Paul put it as reference in Ephesians 5:22-30 except the have another way of running it which is till not my business.
And to my question above, yes! I believe a Christain can be if they want to; the goal is to make sure women are not seen in a different manner, to stop uplifting men above women and this training should start from the family. The goal is not to fight men or over power them and take over the world; NO! with the way some people go about it, it can be easy to criticise and misunderstood but again, that is why I am here to make sure those misandrist do not succeed in spoiling a good ideology.We are all one, we have all being given a unique side as Gods image, let us all shine in our different ways in love and respect both men and women, we are not rivals; at the end of the day God made us to complete each other
Meanwhile heres a link to my video on YouTube,and you can subscribe while you are at it. Thank you and see you in my next post!!!


  1. Am a Christian and due very support the idea of women becoming stronger but I tend to not identify myself as feminists cause a lot of things dats shouldn’t be are attributed to feminism today thereby infiltrating it’s Very meaning. I love the post by the way.

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  2. Great write up TJ, a Christian should not be a feminist for the following reasons, first, because of who the feminist are and why their cause. Secondly, it doesn’t match with who a Christian is? So let’s look at the root of this. There’s a lot i can say, many of the feminists might not agree with me but it’s true. I have looked at many of the ladies who claim to be feminists, for most of them, it’s either they never had a father while growing up, or the father wasn’t there for them, or they have had a bad experience with men, i can even mention names, the others are just following popular opinions. So because of that pain, they assume all ladies are affected and have the experience of being weak in the society and looked down on, and instead of focusing on what God has said concerning us in general and women in specific, they claim to be feminists, thus living in bondage to their experience and past; no matter the number of programs and protests they make. So what they are doing is actually fighting their past experiences deep down in their hearts. I won’t like anyone to get me wrong, I support girl child empowerment and education in areas where it is not practiced, where culture and tradition have deprived women of human rights, so does that make me a feminist? Not at all. What we need is the word of God not a women rights movement, God is the only One that puts value on people. And because this issue is in the heart of people it’s spiritual and can only be dealt with the word of God.
    Secondly, feminism doesn’t match with God’s definition, though there is no gender in the spirit, we have bodies and God gave our bodies gender for a reason, he stated it clearly in the Bible. Let each gender know their responsibilities and we won’t need to fight the opposite sex. A real strong man will never look down on a woman and he will stand up to his responsibilities. Women, know your worth according to God’s word. I strongly believe God’s definition is sufficient.


  3. I think FEMINISM is whatever you make it and how you feel about your self on the inside and out and not to worry about what others are saying about you thats how I see the whole thing


  4. beautiful piece, and God made us equal, the only time when he gives a man authority over a woman is when they are married and the man’s authority is to be modelled from Christ authority over the church and not a boss or something like that… however this is the first time I am hearing that in Nigeria boys are allowed to order their sisters around just because they are guys.

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  5. Interesting. I agree with you.
    In my mind, basically all these should come down to ‘love’ and “treating people how you want to be treated.”
    If men are treated the way women are treated, they wouldn’t be happy. Also, women should take up some financial responsibilities in the house and not leave them for men. Let’s just be fair!

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