these are random pictures I took for an interview recently and I thought to share them here
You can’t see it or notice it but all the shades of black am wearing arent the same, and its almost the same thing when people say “be you, because no else can”, that statement is powerful but people rarely take it into deep thought, it goes in and it comes out because….well it doesnt feel important until it applies to you for example me, I never really had a thought to be someone else; like live their life and wish I was in their present success. But just a few days back, I saw someones instagram page and the first thing that popped into my mind was “Can I just be like this, travelling the world and my occupation just happens to be wearing clothes from different brands” I actually wished I was living that life for a moment, the next thought that came was; “fortunately, you cant be her, because one power you have is being you and no body can be you”; all of a sudden, I was reminded of who I was and the plans God has for me.
It was not to be someone else, he had made plans for each person and mine was going to be an entirely different blue print.
The plan was to be me, to be my own person, everyone has their path to success and how they paved it; most people especially on social media show only what they want you to see (the happy and sometimes rich side); so don’t ever wish to be someone else because for all you know you are supposed to be greater than that and they may just be less than what they potray. Instead, focus that energy of wishing and imaging to be someone else on your goals, focus on your journey, focus on how to grow; don’t look at the next person, their success is not your business… your only business is your growth and development of your mind, your character and whatever you might have put in mind to be. 19
Sometimes the thought to be someone comes because you feel their life is better that yours at that moment or even because you feel they have gone through the same path you want to go through or people may want to compare you to a person especially when you arent doing so well in your own path; but dont compare yourself to other people, you are unique; that is their own story, write yours with your own actions, their highest point could be our starting point.
After pondering on the phrase for a while, I came to a conclusion that I will not be the person I was yesterday, no matter how happy or how much achievement I had, I’ll strive to be a better version of me and that is the only wish we should have, because at the end of the day, the strongest power I have is being me”. So do you, be you… don’t let peoples lives control your thinking or manipulate the goals you have put out for yourself or discourage you from the path you are on.
1. do you have this thought sometimes to be someone else?
2. have you ever tried to live differently because you felt you had to change from seeing another person’s lifestyle?

5 thoughts on “DIFFERENT SHADES

    1. Life…on the other hand we see all our own good & bad! Not a fair comparison. Satan loves for us to compare us to anything & everything…I love that you encourage us to be the best us we can be!!!

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