What am wearing: Sweater(similar here ,or here)|Pants(get here,or here)|
Sandals(here)| Trench coat(get here)|Clutch(similar,similar,similar)
My outfit is just for the weekend vibes, still in winter so layering is important, but let me introduce you to my favorite sweater(in xl)its big and airy and also can hold the cold to an extent and my oldest jean; it’s the oldest in my wardrobe, (I refuse to let it go lol) and I paired with this with my lovely new favourite clutch purse and beige heels.
About my week;On to my  favourite clutch purse, I literally almost cut the handle of this clutch bag this week because of the way I have been pushing weighty things in it and swinging it up,down,right,left,center and its barely two months old ooo. I just love the statements on it and how simple it is to carry but the clutch will soon run from me; I initially took my title from one of the patches on the clutch but God inspired my vibe this week so….
… in February, my church had this 21 days prayer and fasting programme which I submissively dedicated myself to and Shoooot! it felt like it was a period needed to improve on some unnoticed gifts and ideas in my life… I came out more willing to do more work for God than before… It was really refreshing spending time with God and nothing else, if you ever feel lost, confused, lonely, angry or in need; I tell you, the word of God is your comfort, there is a word for every situation you face in the word of God.
So, with all of that God-vibe I got soaked in throughout the programme, I made up my mind I was going to continue with that same vibe from February into the remaining parts of the year… temptation even started hitting me from church on Sunday after I had made up my mind at beginning of this week, but I put on my God-vibe armour and waved through everyday with positivity; no matter and I mean no matter what was going on around me, all I did was release God vibes(speaking positives) and filter the vibes that were thrown into my life; positive from negative and trashed the negative of course and truly the law of attraction was working for me, only positives were coming around me and it has been wonderful, am taking this God vibe everywhere and I have been sharing it (the word).
He truly is worthy to be praised (this is actually the meaning of my name) for the unlimited joy, supernatural strength and spiritual liberation I walk in; yep! its that deep….
Well how was your week? any anything pissed you off? did you hit your target? did the week fly over, was it slow? did you buy anything similar to what I have on? do you like my outfit? do you have that one accessory you are about to end its life because of too much usage like me and my clutch? lol let gist please
T.Gold Okorode

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