What am wearing: Vest coat- QuZu|Turtle neck | Bag- Koton| Shoes- Koton|Pants- Fashion city
With winter turning its back on us slowly, I guess its now time to gently rock my amazing vest coat; I really have a problem wearing vest coats during winter except I throw in a sweater turtle neck or a thick layer underneath
This picture was actually shot in winter 2017, I was going through my library and saw loads of pictures I never uploaded and this pictures also reminded me I had this coat that I barely wear during winter
I think I am in a love hate relationship with vest coats or vest anything because I really want to have them whenever I see them but then they require me wearing thicker layers than usual under a coat because I need my arms to stay warm.
But hey! guess what? spring is on its way and this coat is going to out a lot this new season even if its a fall colour, I dont see why we can’t brighten it up.
Well, considering I am still in the winter season, this is the way I style a vest coat on a cold day, when its less cold like during fall season, I just throw a long sleeves bodycon gown in, and we are good to go.

Do you like vest coats? Do you incorporate in it your wardrobe? And how do you like to style it?

Till my next post…. xoxo
T.Gold Okorode

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