ASKING FOR #2018goals

*clears webs*
omg!!! I have truly not been here since Christmas! weelll, I guess I have been in the festive spirit, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So, let me share my little #2018goals story with you.

By october 2017, I thought a lot about how my 2018 would go for so long, it would keep me up most nights. I needed more time to think so I made a decision that would buy me time at least till december, I would have something good to work on, December came and everyone was all about their resolutions, expectation and goals. I dare say, I had none and not once did I ask God in these times, what plan do you have for me. nahh!
I was on the ‘he would take out whats not meant for me and bring in what is’ ride till December 31st night in church, they asked us to pray for our goals and expectations and I found out leaving the university was my only expectation for 2018.
“In the whole of 2018, I had one goal?”
just to leave school?
in between that what happens?
after then what happens?

I stood praying and at that moment, I asked God to show me what plans he had for me in 2018? because I was soo lost! My head was empty at that point, and I needed something to pray for, I needed to record achievements and everything was just going and coming in my head; but just that question changed everything for me. For the past five days since this year began, the ideas flowing in have been surreal, the time I had to buy would indeed come in handy but there would have been no need for it if I had asked God this question last year. He even showed me most of the things I would have to accomplish in 2018 ahead for next year; hahahhaahhah I was just amazed at how real Matt 7:7 is… just asking. I put it to you today, if your goals are not specific yet, ask him, ask God and he will define the year and give you specific goals to hit this year

Now I have my specific goals; this is for those of you who already have your goals and self-expectations, next step is working towards it and praying with it. Because God opened my mind to these ideas doesn’t mean there aren’t people positioned to distract me or even take it away if I don’t act fast on it or at least note it down for reference, So, I have them written down, in a place i have to see them at least thrice a week with an expected timing. I already wrote down the 12 months with my expectation on each month; I put exactly when I want to start what and how I want the result to go, when have to publish what and when do I start working on it.  Example;

January -am going to start saving to buy a house
February -am going to get new threads to start sewing and change my website to be better
March -am going to start reaching out for partnership in this month
December -By God’s grace am getting my house

You have got to put it in writing to keep track, to go back and review your progress.
I found out that just the way houses have blueprints, written goals are like your blueprint of any of your plan. It doesnt end there, also with prayers,dedication and hard work you seal #2018goals (thats the heading of my blueprint) and make sure they are secured, prepared and ready to be executed. The hunger to see these things come to life should be in you, the hunger to clap for yourself and commend yourself at the end of each goal should be there.
And also to encourage you, if theres anything you wish to start, why waste anymore time? now is the best time to start, don’t wait any further, just forge ahead and trust God to take control

Till next time,

T.Gold Okorode

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