img_2930Since December started, I have been waking up everyday without the feel of Christmas, just daily videos and picture messages from all the moms on my contact list which was a constant reminder Christmas is by the corner; but hey how have ou been and how has december been for you?Today, I was in class and I needed to write something down with a pencil, I reached for my stationary purse and it clicked that it would be a year now I owned that purse and it had been more than useful to me in this one year all because in the spirit of giving, someone just blessed me with it last year. Also, I got my best and oldest winter boots from this same festive season in the spirit of giving three years ago. Surprisenly, I don’t know how I skipped but its already December 12th, (the days flew by fast) but today starts the 12 days to Christmas countdown and I haven’t even MADE CHRISTMAS ARRANGEMENTS!!! 😓😓

Well, this is just a friendly reminder Christmas is all about giving, so no matter how small, can never be too much or too big, make sure you give out something. Thankfully, I still have the habit of cooking on Christmas Day just incase I recieve visitors but last year, I did something extra and I felt good about it; I gave out gifts to people close to me, and I felt very happy about it, this year, I pray for the grace to expand my giving to even those i dont know IJN. Amen. You may be complaining about not having enough money for gifts, remember, nothing is too small to show love this season, even a call or a DIY card, or just a text is a nice way to show you remember and care for someone
So, hope your gifts are wrapped, and you have all decoration, lights and trees out already? oooh!! how I miss decorating christmas trees with my mum…(she lowkey takes it personal)
Meanwhile, here are some of the reasons for this season and basic ways I love to spread joy and celebrate this season:

  • Sharing and celebrating the reason behind Christmas which is Jesus, our Lord and saviour; this is the most important
  • Giving to bless those that do not have enough and even those that have too much both materially and emotionally(spend time and give love, dispense joy, be merry with all you can reach out to)
  • Sharing precious merry moments with family and friends and making memories that you can look back to

Those are just a few means I make Christmas merry.

Meanwhile, this is also my ranting place so I might as well chip this in; can you see what apple is doing here with their latest release; iPhone 8 and X… I mean this is almost the same with my Canon camera; oh I have seen the Christmas gift to make my heart merry… Just look at how every thing on me is detailed… I must say, the camera gives brilliant pictures especially under the sun, its not overhyped, its APPLE! my pictures below are proof
Well back to the main topic on ground

How do you make Christmas merry and what new ways of giving do you look foward to taking up this xmas?
Make sure you leave a comment and lets share ideas of how to show love this Christmas.

Thats all for now, till next time, have a merry Christmas in advance.



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