ABOUT novthe18th

Firstly, I want to use this medium to thank each and every one of you that took out time to celebrate me, prayed for me and wished me well, Amen to all of the prayers and all good wishes come through in Jesus name, Amen!
My birthday this year was even more exciting than last year, I didn’t even plan any of it, was just on my own trying to get my Youtube channel set up as a gift to myself (like i was supposed to last year), I had no real plans of celebrating especially since its exam period right now, yes its every year but this is the last year its going to happen but apart from that, I had a splendid day and God bless everyone who celebrated me, prayed and made me feel so special.

So no, like some people asked I didnt take a break, I am seriously trying to change a lot of things and create new things; from the blog to the setting up of the tube space, I thank God I achieved one of it at least and the other is almost done. There would be so much from my draft and scheduled posts hitting you from now, so watch out

Well in my last birthday post(here), I shared what it felt as a teen to just grow, evolve and make your plans, this year, allow me to tell you a bit of what I learnt and practiced in the last one year still in my growth and evolution;
1. I spent more time with myself and with God: you need to know yourself, identify your strengths and communicate that with the people around you, you need to love yourself and learn to talk to God to guide you through it; you’ll start to develop a kind of love for yourself (not vain love) that will teach other people how to love you, respect you and approach you. You’ll find yourself walking awat from things that don’t make you the “you” you are in love with.

2. Don’t settle: Another reason you need to spend time with yourself, so you can differenciate what you want from what you need in your life from what you need to do away with, what you love and what you can settle for; now I mean both materially and emotionally when dealing with people. I dont believe in settling except it has to do with a contract or money and still, my terms are still my terms. Yes, in your friendships and relationships, you have to compromise once in a while but do not do it “because you cant say no, but because you said so”. the minute you start settling, you start bringing down your standards. which brings me to the last…

3. I set standards and kept them: hmmmn this is sooo funny because I set standard even I laughed at; am all smiley and happy and friendly but I had to frown many times cos of these standards, for example I had this date one day and the guy came 45 minutes late to pick me up… I just casually strolled out with my pyjamas to tell him Goodnight and went to bed. I even wanted ignore his call and just text him that, but I would then be so petty. Now, I really looked foward to going out with this person but fortunately, I had set standards I couldnt break…which was; coming extra late for a date without calling to give heads up would not be accepte. By the next time, it would be repeated again or this time be double the time, ONE HOUR!!! I wasn’t caught up for that.

Oooookay, I’ll stop here cos there were a dozen but these were the top practices that made me feel my strenght and full control of myself; haaaaaa!!! long posts seem to scare some people, lol fear not!!! I have set up my youtube channel which you can find and subscribe to at once here ➡️https://youtu.be/ERTKGjZAD8s  so most of the writing will be translated to spoken words hahahha…. hope you are having a great week tho; Until next time…. xoxo

And thanks to @alphamaxphotography on Instagram; I hadn’t slept cos of my exam that morning, how the swollen face looked good, I cannot explain… I looked better than I expected



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