Have you ever had one of those mornings when everything is a rush and you literally planned what to wear but then; WARDROBE MALFUNCTION!!! Aaarrrrgh!!!Am just gonna tell you my funny story.

So, on a very beautiful Sunday morning, I was preparing to go to church, I woke up later than usual, but thankfully I had put out my dress for church the previous night; mistake was I didn’t try it out but… Everything in my wardrobe definitely should fit properly yeah? my oh my, it looked more perfect when I pictured the outfit in my head; with the right shoes, am good to go.
Now I was to be in church by 12:00pm, 10 minutes to twelve, my makeup was done and my oufit was set, “what’s left? Dress up, pack my bag and move” I thought to myself.

Well I decided to pack my bag first; bible, sermon book, pen, etc… I just threw all I would need from my everyday black bag,  off to get my dress. I wore my dress, okay zip it… why in the world was it stuck? I kept forcing the zipper up, I could feel it was tighter than usual but naah I couldn’t have gained weight…NO! It definitely shrinked from laundry. After a few seconds of struggling, I heard that zaaaaaach!! sound; the sound that makes your head spin 360 checking yourself if youre wearing a really tight outfit just cos you looking for the point it ripped) I paused, pulled the hands of the dress down and turned it around to see my zip in a serious unfixable situation, I just couldnt even panick,

Well first colour I think of in an emergency is black or white; as I looked at the ground, it was like God just arranged it for me to prevent confusion and waste of time; there was a black cami resting peacefully on my white skirt; black and white! Exactly what I needed, I grabbed it and threw it on.
Shoe time!!! What colour?
Red? Nope too bright
black? I hate wearing black shoes with black and white outfits
white? Same feeling about black shoes
oh but brown! Especially this brown, it matched my skin colour perfectly…
12:40 Guys!!! I ran out of my room … My God!!! I forgot my bag! I ran back in, reached for the first brown bag I saw, threw in all from my previous bag and ran straight to church without looking back… in my head, I was a hot mess but eventually, I looked great even without accessories; just my watch and earrings, looking like a working class lady…hehehe

Everyone kept complimenting me that day from my makeup to my outfit more than usual … with a huge smile I kept the “thank you”s going but in my head, I was like “if only you knew the story behind my look today”.
LESSON LEARNED: 1. do a fitting test on your clothes before the event, don’t conclude its always your size
2. did you know brown colour was this comfortable with black and white?

I didn’t plan it but I ran into Mr. JOSH REVD… he’s a celebrity photographer here in Cyprus and I even had a hurried but great shoot with one of the few classic men around; Mr. ijudigal Val of @perspectivaofficial on instagram
I looked like I could be of different occupations in these picture; a detective, a secretary, but definitely a 9-5 lady… what do you think?

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