DSC09878HELLO loves, hows your weekend going? hope its great and wonderful?
You know there are those times when telling an interesting story, just to make your audience thrilled, you pitch in a little bit of drama with sounds effects and body gestures?
you get the drift yea?  that my frend is exactly what is going on here; statement, extra details and as simple as my everyday look is, I try to sometimes incorporate a little bit of that with accessorizing but this skirt does it for me with the embellishment of these pearls.
With my undying love for denim and the way every shopping site had this denim skirts with the inverted Y at the bottom, its was a real surprise to me I didn’t have one.

But these faux pearls called me by name as I walked past that store on that faithful day and I had to respond… after the purchase, I fell in a love hate relationship with it because it wasn’t my usual hug my lower body kind of style, but the PEARLS!!! *jumps in excitement*  I really wished I could find the exact same style but in a shorter length…
I eventually began to love the  ‘A shape’ look of it when I thought of different ways I could style it this fall (hence my minimal and very basic styling here). Especially since I had to wear smaller tops cos of the A line and the length
But here I was, wanting something different from the usual t-shirt and sneakers style so I matched in some formal style bits with the very-casual looking skirt; the (this look would be great on a tall girl; am quite down to earth so…)
I would definitely put this in my transition lineup for fall… watch out for pics on the gram coming soon


pictures by @silvasingwa on instagram

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