IMG_2783.JPGSwish swish swish!!! that Katy Perry’s song can’t get out of my head… it’s stuck!!! 

So you know how you sometimes when you style denim on denim and you want to make both the top and bottoms be the same shade just because it’s DENIM & DENIM… yep that’s always me! When I match my denims, I always try to make sure at least they are almost the same shade… I never thought styling different colored shades will be this cool… I never even imagined it in fact… in my head it would have been disrespectful to the denim culture… but in my ootd for school on Monday, I did it, I matched these different shades; a very light wash vest and bright biro blue high waisted jeans and I thought it was great. Not as stylish as putting on same shades though but its aight.
It doesn’t really work for just any denim shade at all, I tried it with a few others denim pieces I had and some of them were just not it but this was the first attempt and its great; Now, the ultimate search for different shades of denim that DON’T match has begun, forgive me but I am just stepping into the light of this and its

Well, my destination was school so accessorizing was just even too much and I just paired them with sneakers (again I broke another self-made rule; I would usually wear white but here) I went for a pinkish coloured sneakers; it just went well with the jeans I must say.

Tell me what you think about the TWO SHADES and have you ever tried it before? Tell me it was everywhere and am the last to know about it… well till next time, take care of yourself and have a splendid week

pictures :@sesmo_thecreator

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