Heeey! so like I said in my last post, which I had to slash into this post because it was hella long and I didn’t want to bore anyone; I was inspired by the palm prints and I thought sharing on growth too will be important being that palm trees are one of the fastest and continuous growing trees; yeah I did research on it a while back and considering the way they grow and also produce, you wouldn’t want your body to be substitute to that but preferably your mind.

Many people tend to assume with age or sometimes size, that the mind grows along and there seem to be a certain kind of expectation from a certain age range or certain people who have been judged based on size due to early maturing and what have you.
But the truth is mental maturity doesnt (always) have to do with age or even size. A 30-year-old person can still reason like an 18-year-old and its even the other way round some times. Age has nothing to do with maturity and that’s a fact a lot of people need to know when you encounter the childish adult.

Thing is, I was never like that though; but about two years ago I came across someone who really made me want to put effort in having better approach at life, in growing mentally and living a life I would look back on and be proud of; and to be like that, there were some habits I had to drop and pick up to start enable me grow

  1. Surround yourself with positive company; people who push you, that drive you to be a better person not the ones you are a mental slave to, that find every opportunity to use you and even mak fun of you. Find people that call you on your wrong acts and you know you can’t be caught being a nuisance around them and most of all appreciate you. This helps you shape your character daily; your speech, your walk, even dressing can be affected by those people, so choose wisely. As for me, I choose the church and became more committed than ever, it helped me become more deep in the things of God and surrounded by people with so much Jesus vibes, it’s always exciting
  2. Gain a little knowledge from most things of life, a little of science , a bit of art, a bit of music and a bit from politics, a lots of world news and… just a little of (not really, but most of) everything; what I mean is, always be open to learn new things maybe by studying or talking with other people or even the media. Not every time likes on instagram, sometimes find the news outlets on those social media and fill yourself with sensible facts so when people speak of these things, you can also have something to contribute or at least have an idea of what they speak about. Maybe am being partial with world news here ‘cos of my discipline in the university and how it makes me kinda keep up with news but I can assure you its a good habit
  3. Discipline yourself; gone are the days where your parents or an elderly one yells at you not to do something for your own good and you grumble, as you grow, you find out that there are just some certain things you need to give up or control in your life. I can’t lie on here so I’ll tell you and it was around this time last year too, mine was eating, I didn’t even notice till my friends started joking around with it, like calling me a monger and you know those foodie jokes, now it wasnt showing physically yet cos am not really a fat person but I had to have discipline over my stomach by eat healthy at least and at the right time to gain right. Also, I had to put a stop on eating whenever but at specific times, this was a struggle, it sounds easy but it was a struggle for me. I had to discipline myself to turn away and say no when I see some sumptuous looking delicacies
  4. Spend your time wisely; this should be like number 1; in fact number 1 is kinda under it. Whatever you spend time doing yields results in your life, whoever you spend time with yields results in your life,(don’t say you can’t be influenced, habits develop slowly without you even knowing) so whatever it is you spend time on, make sure its worth it cos you know the results will tell in your life. Your time is the most important thing in your life, and whatever you invest it in would yield results in your life; so, focus and make sure you invest wisely.
    Find the most important thing in your life and invest your time in it. For me, it’s the word of God, my bible, my pastors teachings, it builds me, it molds my character from how I speak to how I even walk; yes guys! it’s that influencing because it’s what I spend my time on.

these are just a few points that I had to follow to help me grow mentally and it has helped me a lot and still helping me and I thought why not share, it may help someone too.
PS: Guys is it just me or is this month on some Usain Bolt syndrome? well I tried my best to make it as short a possible so, hope you enjoyed it and if you did, feel free to drop a comment on your thoughts and any additional points you think can save a developing mind … lol… till next time…..


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