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Hello guys, how was the weekend? Great I guess, mine was completely beautiful and lazy. This post was supposed to be up yesterday but I struggled a whole day on the conversion of my pictures from raw file to jpeg; IT WAS WAR!

Well, if you have noticed, palm prints have found a classic spot in print fashion this summer; like they have always been, but they are making statements this period; they come in purses, bikinis, dresses, two pieces and what have you.

I totally have been loving this dress I got as an urgent outfit for a my school’s graduation ceremony few months back where I styled it with a brown pair of shoes that matched my skin tone, it was lovely.
I just loved the summer palm print vibe it gave and also loved the V detail at the back, another vent like design for air, but I thought it would be my last time wearing it because the length wasn’t my normal everyday “go to” length.
But currently, this summer has been sooo real, getting up to 34 degrees and wondering if you could just stroll out with a bikini lol but this dress has been a staple in my summer wardrobe; the dress def opened the doors to more lengths of its kind.
This shoot was a pool day for me hence the massive bag(containing all my pool needs) and slides (which have been my favourite thing since the Sun put the S in SUMMER); accesories were just the basic, a watch, a never ending beaded bracelet, loop earrings and sunglasses(most important)
But, for an evening out, I would have switched it up with black heel sandals and a purse to go with.
It’s just a proper summer day to night outfit and it doesn’t require so much accessorizing. Simple, but still chic and most importantly airy.
Inspired by the palm prints, I wish I could chip in my little bits on growth(mentally), because palm trees are one of the few trees that grow unendingly, and I believe our minds ought to be same but I’ll make it short in my next post hahahah….
Till next time, lots of love

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Photo credit: @caxshe on instagram
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