“Am going to do it”
“I’ll make sure I get it done tomorrow”
“today is far spent, tomorrow”
“definitely tomorrow”
The phrases above have been used so much by me whenever I am supposed to blog, am tired of hearing myself say it to me. Its been a while here *clears cobwebs*, am so upset with myself you have no idea, I didn’t even bother to check my own blog like I usually do, it was almost as if i forgot *whispers* I was a blogger. well am so sorry for going away that long guys!
Okay! what better day for a good comeback to work than Monday; even tho it’s the last day of the month, its the beginning of a new week.
As the beginning of the week, seize the opportunity to start something new, give yourself a challenge, stop talking and start doing. You are the only one that knows how badly you want something done, how badly you need to sit up, how badly you need to improve, how badly you need to be consistent. Stop dropping empty words and start challenging yourself to action today.
We know it’s never enough to talk, words are like the seeds planted, without your actions of watering and putting in the sunlight, seeds never going to grow so if possible, make the plans in your head and drop it with actions; truth is talk is cheap but actions speak louder than words. Dont let laziness and procrastination get in your way, GET INTO ACTION today!
start it, revive it, continue it, remember it, plan it; whatever it is that pops up in you head as you read this; it could be exercising, it could be writing, it could be reading, or even training your body to a specific diet, it could be blogging, it could be even shopping but I have noticed most of the time it’s praying. JUST DO IT cos at the end, your talk of “am going to do it soon” is just cheap and close to empty. have a lovely week and take advantage of Monday! Just do it
aarrrrrgh! i still need to hit the gym…”I’ll start tomorrow”


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