Apart from the fact I have been MIA, and am here now, whats else is exciting? welcome to a new month guys!!!
Am so sorry I have been Inconsistent, I swear I  have an excuse….. *staring with puppy eyes* every time i sit in front of my screen to share something with you guys, something just reminds me of one school work and eventually when I try doing it through the app on my phone, it’s just not the same, I get distracted but am done with the semester and totally cant wait to complete all my drafts and post up.

I literally tried to make this semester work, in every manner and circumstances, the devil wanted to bring frustration and depression my way but nope! I refused to give in through Gods grace… so, between this semester, whenever I was getting to that level of stress when I almost freak out literally, I had to find ways to help me relax either in between or after the long week of forceful educational exploits.

1. THE RELAX BATH: This is the best and most effective of all of it for me though; I looked forward to this every friday; I literally take my time giving special attention to every part of my body. (unlike the normal morning/evening everyday bath) I start from my hair which I shampoo separately and condition, to my toes where I do the feet scrub; I go at least 3 rounds with good music playing in the background and possibly scented candles to just lighten my mood; I normally start with pedicure and manicure done by me and then I proceed to the bathroom and shave the necessary parts if necessary and go into the shower.  Now this is me spending quality time with me, just a warm shower till I feel i have washed all that stress from the week away. Put on a mask, play good music and polish your nails; give your body your time; the spa wont do it like you would (except it’s a massage, then head to a spa)I tell you, you’ll feel excellent when you are done.

2. EAT WHAT YOU CRAVE:  the feeling you get when you finally lay your tongue on food you crave at a particular moment is one of the best feelings. This sends a kind of signal of satisfaction to your brain thereby leading to some kind of relaxed feeling; its a testimony! it works for me like magic. If you are on a diet, make a cheat day, cook yourself something or take yourself out  to eat what you really crave and treat yourself to relaxation

3. FIND A HOBBY AND RITUALIZE IT:  Now, for relaxing, my hobbies are reading, writing, drawing, or just watching movies. Getting me to finish a novel in the middle of all the academic hustle this semester?, *laughs out loud* it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. So, I focused on reading blogs, learning new tips, styles and trends; and making sketches of what I could recreate out of it. This helped me take my mind out of school into another world I wanted to be in.

4. SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP: the effects from not resting your body should never taken for granted, resting your brain from all the noise and stress from a day is too important. A quick nap can go a long way in keeping your brain refreshed and balanced.
If I couldn’t sleep sometimes, I just played a rain/thunder sounds on YouTube with my speakers (for dramatic effect)lol you can find it here, just in case you don’t get what am talking about. I slept at least an hour after school on my most busy days and it helped me a lot especially when I had to study later onsleep

There are more loopholes to relaxation I got myself practicing but I practised these more often and it really helped me relax my nerves and if you know any other simple relaxation tips, please feel free to share with us, thank you
P.S it’s still weekend so make sure you get your rest and treat yo self
*all pictures from google*

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