Hello guys? How has your week been? Great I hope, well my week has been full of greatness, attainments and all that good GOD feeling, even though some people tried to make me really angry; dropping bad vibes in my activities, I stayed praying to God because to start with, I don’t even know how to handle anger so I let it all go; *winks* I’m phlegmatic like that. Anyway,  I remember when I posted my last favorite, I said I wanted to make it constant; like every new week, well my bad. I didn’t keep to my words but, I have been itching to blog this on my favorites anyway; this BAG. Let me give you the gist….
Few months back, I was screen shopping on Zara website, and I found this bag, immediately, it called my name. I knew it deserved to be mine, but unfortunately they don’t do shippings to Cyprus, and to be honest with you, I have been wanting a red bag for the longest time; any type, I just wanted something shouty whenever I wore neutrals, but I wanted it portable. Now this bag was all I was looking for, and I got it from a street store here in Cyprus, COLLEZIONE.  It took a week before I got the bag and the sales attendant was business minded enough to put me on the edge and say it was the last one. Guys!!! for that one week I dreamt of the bag every night until I finally got it. Immediately I got it, another one was hung on the same spot as I left the store; another last one. I just laughed, at least it was a push to get it before they get to the actual last one. Well, for the two months I’ve had it, I can tell you I have carried it more than my everyday black bag and it just contains everything I want in it; A book, purse, glass case, stationary purse and am sure there’s space for one more thing… yes! my phone and its charger… I know right! It looks so small but it takes a lot…(some inspirational post going up in my head as I typed that) I believe this bag is totally a staple in my wardrobe.

Since summer is already here, like i said in my last post, I’ve been feeling the gown/skirt vibes of recent so, I decided to tour through my skirt collection and here was this skirt from Zara I had never worn, basically because it was short but heeeeeey!!! (look at those legs)it gave my legs some good length and it was perfect with this shirt because on it is printed THROWBACK THURSDAY and I spend most thursdays at home since I have no classes on thursday this semester; so I basically don’t wear that shirt as much as I want… whew! was glad I had the chance on this beautiful thurs…day

How perfect is this bag for the summer?
Shirt: Koton||Skirt: Zara||Bag: Collezione||Shoes: Adidas

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