Hello guys and happy new month! hope you are great and alright? and you enjoyed the first week of the month?
I totally had a non-stressful and too restful week, rested a little bit too much and totally forgot to get my assignments done lol. Well I spent my self acclaimed rest time(I truly needed it) doing a bit of sleeping and some other interesting stuff which included reading non-school books, screen shopping, hahahahahah well that’s when I window shop but… online.
Okay, so if you go through my (still building) blog, am more of a trouser or jean person but of late, I have been loving my body on skirts and dresses again. its defining, flattering and well its spring/summer season now, and I really need air on some days (if you know what I mean).
Well, it’s still more of spring than its summer and am really grateful to God for that because am not even ready for summer yet(that heat! oh my God); so this spring season as been all about embroided designs, floral patterns, pink, blue and all kinds of bright colours everywhere and although its coming to an end, I really was loving it but couldn’t indulge in it, however, I remembered I had this gown gifted to me by a friend but I was actually scared of how I would look in it since am not a fan of too bright(except white), short, or tube fashion but then fashion is all about trying new stuff yeah, getting to know your style more and I am still finding that out about myself so, I threw it on and guess what?
Yes! yes I wore a bright coloured, floral, short, tube dress. haha…well, I thought it would be really good for a casual outing (like nothing serious kinda outing or just a quick throw on this summer) like I wore something similar to class and later on in the evening I went out with friends to grab drinks and the outfit was just okay for both.

I accessorized less because this gown was doing a whole lot with the flowers already; so I just put on a watch, a DIY choker and geek glasses to keep it simple and chic and I threw on a denim jacket for extra covering to make it extra colourful, I was in luck to have sneakers the same colour(peachy pink) as my dress
Well, since I was connecting with the floral and dressy side, my screen shopping uncovered quite a lot of that and being that I couldn’t actually find this dress online, I’ll leave the links to some similar summer dresses I actually fell in love with from my favourite sites on my next post but for now, check out how I did this tube gown some good on me… lol

WEARING: Denim Jacket from Darkfrog but here or here| Gown from Sequin Hearts| Chocker is a DIY| Sneakers are all-stars dupes (couldnt find it or a similar kind of the same colour)



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