IMG_8973Heelllloooo Guys!! how are you today? how was the Easter break and how’s your tummy doing… just incase you don’t know what Easter is, it’s the celebration of the death and resurrection Of Christ Jesus.(should have really done a post on this)oh well,  I know I have been MIA for weeks and I have missed it here so much but I do have something i have been meaning to share so here; read up my short story on my defining factor.
So few months back, I think in February I had this photo shoot and as I was chatting with this very creative photographer Jamie, trying to fix a date for the photo shoot, as usual,  I was already putting an outfit together in my head to either match my feelings at that moment, a new style discovery of what I can pull together or show off the seasonal trend *winks* but then he typed something that just captured my mind. he said and I quote “I mostly want one thing to pop in the pic. Your defining factor”.
Now you don’t hear this every time and I just said to myself “go as simple and minimal as you can”; now my defining factors are my lips, my lips, and lest I forget to mention my lips. For the sake of these lips, I have been insulted, judged, (but these days, more) complimented but once I accepted they were the most prettiest part of me, nobody could dare breath bad words by me; trust me once you accept who you are and what you have, nothing just moves you, in fact from hearing any statement of love or hate, you tend to love yourself even more and as you love yourself, beauty forms more mysteriously
For me, it was my lips, for another person, it could be your legs;bow legs,thin legs or k-legs, your skin colour; black people sometimes tend to hype light skinned too much, darker skin is total beauty too, your eyes may be big or as small as a line or even your nose and so many different parts of you which make you stand out as BEAUTIFUL but yet you see as what makes you insecure, ugly, vulnerable and less of a complete human being, If you don’t see the beauty in what many may see as ugly in you and accept it as your defining factors, as your perfect imperfections as what makes you YOU, then nobody will ever see how beautiful you actually are. Love and appreciate yourself more; God has made you perfect and whatever you think are your flaws, those are your perfect imperfections. Learn to in love with the shape of you
Well, Jamie did me good and if you reading this thank you; here are some of the pictures from the shoot… in my simplicity and beauty featuring my not so tall self, and caramel skin and most defining feature, my lips 😁 (my fringe kept doing its thing but I still looked good) by far my best shoot; I was extra extra comfortable

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