Hello guys! how was your weekend? Mine ran so fast, monday morning felt like part of sunday  night but Yes! new week new motivation, new goals plus achieve former goal *sighs*.
So last week was wonderful, but ended in a not so happy tone as I had to attend a burial I didn’t plan for, a young man in my school took his life and as part of the Nigerian Society executive body, I had to go since the burial was held by the Nigerian Society.
It does sadden me to see young lives lost and worse when its suicide; people go through stuff sometimes yes, in fact every time people go through hard times even rich people. Without challenges life will be boring honestly but what could be so heavy that wouldn’t pass away for one to take his life? Talking to someone when down really helps a lot, not everyone you can tell your problems to though, so in that case talk to God, trust me he hears you. Whenever I have an issue, God hears it before anyone else, sometimes, no one else does till I open up. Some people say he does talk back or console you so its pointless, just settle down and listen; its like a voice in your head that just speaks up when you actually talk to him, he even makes me laugh out of my problems most times.

Oh well, it is well with all going through one problem or another, just talk it out, write it out; it doesn’t solve it or make it end but it does relieve you sometimes especially talking. Remember a problem shared is a problem solved *whispers*sometimes please, know who you sharing with. okay, for the burial, its normal to wear black, which is almost my go to colour, but I had a problem with picking a footwear cause I didn’t wants heels, it’s not that serious, slip ons would be too casual, sneakers, too casual too, ballet flats, its cold and then I remembered my brogues. Now these shoes pop up in my mind once every month since I got them and unfortunately, they don’t always end up on my feet but they definitely put my outfit together whenever they do, I didn’t get to take a picture on that day, I would have been weird taking pictures in a burial lol. but, these babies popped in my mind on sunday again as I was getting  ready for church and although I wasn’t  with my camera and neither was the sun good to me as the weather was gloomy, my phone managed to do the job. So, my brogues were my favourite piece from last week, and I think am going to make this regular, every monday will be a post on my fav piece of the previous week

Cardigan – Defacto
Boyfriend fit jeans – Topshop
Scarf – Street store
Brogues – Street store …but
I also found where you could get it online (quite pricy but) if you fancy                   SIMILAR BROGUES


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