issa-wrap1Happy new month guys! so yeah,* am back and am better* that’s a lyric from a song I really do not know but I definitely hear a lot…not listen, HEAR around. So literally   the whole of January and February was like a stress to rest transition for me, I finished exams and sunk into the holidays…haaaa! exactly what i needed, a break;

took a break from everything but I let it consume me and I got too lazy to do anything plus little hiccups I encountered from life but then again along the line I just focused a lot on my relationship with God so  *am back and am better* lol
So I resumed school this week, and although its been a little windy and still pretty cold, I can smell the spring season is just by the corner. I love layering yeah but am really getting tired because there’s just too much weight involved from all the clothes now. I did put together some of my staples this season and favorite items from the past few weeks in my black-ish mode and my colour pop in a kinda coral orange…lol
First is the drape-wrap trench coat, it always gives me ‘THE LOOK’ kinda feel, I got this from a Main Street store, if I can find a link to something similar, I’ll leave it below, second is this headwrap turban I got in grey; oh dear! I have been getting questions from at least one person a day about where I got it from since I got it well I f you live in my town; Magusa, you can get it at ONDER. Other wise, I’ll leave a link below for you and lastly, these heeled ankle boots from a main street store which I’ll find a similar link to. Lets get into the details in colour.
Ankle Boots (similar)  || Turban cap. ||


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