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HAPPY NEW YEAR guys! so I woke up this morning grateful as usual to God for life, for last year, seeing my family, friends and I into this year and everything in general especially the fact I could now sleep well into my mornings without stress; yep school is over for the semester *winks* but am still writing exams 😦It’s another year, 2016 was a great year, went by really fast but towards the end, it felt like it was taking forever (or I think I was just anxious for the semester to end lol).
So, I have been reading a lot on social media about people who have dropped/left other people or habits behind in 2016 or changed totally in the new year, very nice, hope that is going well for you guys?
For me, 2017 were just numbers until I received a word from God to move with through another 365 days, a word with which I could set my course and plans for the year, a word of direction to focus my spiritual and physical energy on.
Well, it is my year of FLOURISHING, with this, I know God has a bigger plan for me than I have for myself and it’s not just about the word or the title, it’s about how I personalize that word in every plan am making in this year, in every aspect of my life;physically, spiritually, financially,emotionally and academically.Related image
Now, a lot of people go into another year without direction, plans, or a set of goals to work towards and achieve in a new phase of their lives. Some will say “at least I entered the new year” Yes, of course be grateful you made it into another year, but don’t stop there, you didn’t come into another year to just let the year pass through you; pass through the year.
A new year is like you been given 365 clean sheets of paper and been told to write a book titled TWENTY SEVENTEEN; basically it should contain stories of how you think your life will be each day, what are you gonna write?… “err am going to wake up in the morning and well just eat, do some stuff but if the day is boring I’ll just sleep…”  ask yourself;
What are your goals in this year?
What do you plan on working on in this year?
How do you plan on achieving these goals?
What do you want to look back at and say well done to yourself for?
What are the habits you want to pick and want to drop? Related image

The term “NEW YEAR” is like a new beginning, the birth of something fresh, another 365 days in your life to not only just breathe but make an impact; affect others around you positively, make progress in your life, but it all begins with plans, visions, where you see yourself in what and what period of time from now. Like some people who have said,
“oh I must make money in this year, I must stop this and that habit this year”
LISTEN, it doesn’t stop at just saying it, if don’t you work towards it, it’s not going to walk its way to you while you sleep after doing boring stuff and eating, NO! you;
1. Pray for direction from God
2. Get your word from God
3. Personalize it
4. Make your plans, your set goals you want to achieve (possibly writing them out and keeping it somewhere you can always be reminded of it)and
5. Witness your progress
Definitely, it’s not as easy as it written, but with persistence, dedication and hardwork, thats how goals are achieved.This is 365 of your story, write a good story you will be proud of on the last sheet of paper. Time is ticking, you are already on the 3rd sheet, what are you writing?
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