*singing*Santa Claus is coming to toooown..He’s making a list ..and checking it twice…Gonna find out whose naughty or nice santa Claus is coming to town lalalala…lalalala….santa claus is coming to town… those are the only wordings I know lol…

HELLO GUYS! how have you been doing? hope this festive season has been good to you? and whose been good so far? I know there have been numerous christmas parties, carol events, and many others in this festive period, I even missed some here in school but yeey! my christmas parties and events legit starts on the 22nd of December with the christmas on campus programme!!!
weew! it’s actually organized by my church and I have kept my outfit aside, cleaned my shoes, most of all prayed earnestly and opened my heart to receive on that day. Then the celebration just goes on with school celebration and all the dinners, get-togethers through friday till sunday– the main day– when all kinds of food will be cooked, eaten and shared. ulala I can’t wait
I started this post with an entirely different thing to write but it dawned on me that so many people celebrate christmas forgetting or not knowing at all the actual reason we celebrate. So, am going to do a brief (I’ll try to make it short as possible) reminder/education(hopefully) of christmas

  1. Firstly, this is a celebration of LOVE. It’s a period you show love to everyone around you, that’s why gifts are mostly shared on christmas; it’s a way of showing love to everyone and not only people you care about. So I urge you, no matter how small (even a bar of chocolate is something) get something for someone this christmas.
  2. Secondly, this is a season of letting go before the new year… let go of your worries, anger, hate, and whatever is heavy in your heart before you step into another year. build up love, and happiness will follow.  It’s time to send a message to that person you haven’t been in good terms with drop that heavy heart and wish them a merry christmas…they don’t reply you? you have let your feelings for them out and that’s what matters, continue in your merriest spirit.
  3. Christmas should not be celebrated within the christian circle alone, in fact too much love has been given to us and shared between us. Share that love out more this christmas season, share with orphans, both privileged the not too privileged, old people… Just get out there are spread the love
  4. Don’t forget your family and loved ones, it’s a season to remember too, get together with them and if you are far away find a way to call to share&get some love with&from them. It’s the merry season so, include your family and friends in your happiness.
  5. I think Love has been mentioned in every thing I have written above but to sum it all up, the most important reason for this love feast is to celebrate the birth of LOVE itself and that is JESUS… he is the proof of God’s love for us and he was sent to redeem us from sin–(if you don’t understand, I get, its deeper than that but easy to understand too)–so this whole love feast is like he’s birthday party celebrated all over the world
    So, hope you have been reminded and gained some insights of Christmas…?

Well to the outfit; whats a christmas outfit without the colour red which again symbolizes LOVE. Either a touch of red or like me you go full red (lady in red)
What am wearing: a red midi bodycon gown and I broke it off with this beige jacket cardigan (too comfy and warm).
Paired it with gold loop earrings, black heels and took my sunglasses case as my everything holder/purse (because my phone, cards, and even money could all fit in)

I was totally having the Audrey Hepburn vibe

The slit on this dress just gave me all that walking freedom

If my phone could fit everything goes in

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