HELLLO guys !!! so I was supposed to do this at the beginning of the month but it totally skipped my mind, still getting used to the blogger life..lol.
December is here,the only thing I smell is christmas and am so excited this year is coming to an end, not like am eager for it to come to an end(this year has been to exciting and great) but I mean who doesn’t love positive fresh beginnings? A new slate for me to start meeting and cresting new goals, hope you have started making plans for the year ahead?  oh well! currently, walking through this month so far, I have been….
ANTICIPATING: chriiiistmaaaas, the new year and the end of this semester. Cant wait to exchange gifts for christmas, just be jolly into new year and forget school for a while.
WISHING: I could be home with my family for christmas and new year holiday but school wouldn’t let me.
EXCITED TO: to get gifts for this season, get into the new year and come to the end of the fall semester, it seems december is taking forever and yeees! all the discounts on sites for gift shopping (is now on… dont miss it)
UNSURE ABOUT:how am going to spend the festive period, still expectant of the resources to spend and when next am going to see a ‘clear enough weather’ to shoot my outfits
INSPIRED BY:  Shirley. Eniang, my inspiration always goes back to her, and then I followed a few on instagram recently like musesuniform, Carmen Alexandra (caxshe) for the fashion and ashleyjnel; she has a simple style, in love with Jesus, and lastly someone I have been watching on YouTube, her channel’s name is crystals diary they preach the gospel in their own little way.
DETERMINED TO: be more committed to this blog and make out time for my YouTube, tired of uploading videos by faith and still hit a high gp this semester
 HAPPY ABOUT: the fact that we in a festive period, my basketball team in school won the tournament, ideas that have been rolling in to develop, God has been directing my path and keeping my family and I in good health
SAD ABOUT: the fact that other people are observing the christmas holidays while am in school anticipating exams after the new year, enough quizzes and assignment after the christmas celebration and all the fall outfits I didn’t have time to blog.
IN LOVE WITH: my big hair that’s been keeping my brain warm, it was perfect for the season, my denim jacket that has got my back from fall down till this winter and my new Adidas running shoes I got as a price for my team winning in our basketball competitions.
APPRECIATING: firstly, God for seeing me through the previous week… I was really choked up but he made it clearer for me to go through each day, my friends, my parents for constantly supporting me
WEARING: my favourite wardrobe essential for the longest while now;
The denim jacket similar here| White Camisimilar here| Black Jean trousers| Brown Laceup ankle Bootssimilar here| Brown vintage backpack

(took this pictures late november when the weather was still fall..ish, its frigging cold these days but this denim jacket still serving me properly)

img_8505How are you walking through the month?

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