img_8541Happy friyay!!! Who is shopping?????!!!
Hello guys! its black friday today… now for the records, I never grew up with any knowledge of such a friday. Matter of fact if I mention this to my mum this will be her reply ‘WHAT KIND OF A FRIDAY IS THAT? MY PIKIN(meaning my child) DON’T CELEBRATE WITH THEM OOO, STAY AT HOME AND READ YOUR BOOKS. COVER YOURSELF WITH THY BLOOD OF JESUS FROM EVERY DARKNESS OF THEIR BLACK FRIDAY’  and without argument or trial to explain first am to say ‘YES MUM, OKAY BUT BLACK FRIDAY IS ACTUALLY……’ So yes a lot of people have no idea what this is and the rest who do may not be opportuned to be in a country where it is a big deal… apparently black friday is actually a Friday after thanksgiving celebration observed in America and a few states even go as far as taking holidays for black friday; but it’s all over the world and it’s like a starting point for Christmas shopping; a day where things are way cheaper and you find the greatest deals of all time on a lot of stuff online and in shops… the excitement of buying on sale is just something else for me; am a student and I totally live on a budget so seeing sales is like seeing free money. Am so upset with myself because I totally forgot to save up for this day but am seeing myself about to waste the little I have on some shoes I sighted on ASOS  My wish list everywhere is about to start alarming exceeded limit…lol but I know Jesus got me.
So people,… if you are a lover of online shopping like me, hit the sites because I looked up every online store I go to and it’s all dripping with 80% deals and less, for electronic devices(phones, laptops and all),clothes,shoes,bags and what have you; a lot of sites are on this on so, if you can’t go out or if black friday is not a thing were you are like me.. *whispers* GET ONLINE!!! and get the best deals of your life keeping in mind most of the deals end today.
ADVICE: shop till you drop but please don’t be broke

In the spirit of black friday I wore a total black outfit… yes I can be that Cardigan | Jeans | white cami | black flats | Everyday black bagimg_8595

7 thoughts on “BLACK FRIYAY

  1. Hey gurl, love your blog, am impressed and happy you doing great! Little niece sends her regards I am already following you lil sist. Love you to the moon and back. Remain blessed my pretty sister…

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  2. My dear I refuse to accept that. Yes BLACK FRIDAY is a day after Americans thanksgiving, but do you know the purpose in which it is celebrated. I ask why the name BLACK? well from my own view, I dont find it amusing feels like a way of snatching peoples money. It might sound funny but you wont understand.


    1. Daddy😂😂😂 Omg!! You are now sounding like the mummy😊 daddy … the name black is just black, i dunno lol. and as for wasting money, every deal is cheap so its good wasting if i can say that; hahahah And am too sure you know about it… thank you for coming here to show me love and I love you too.means a lot 😘😘😘


  3. My pikin, am disappointed you dont know your mother. its like a real celebration over here with us. Am even going online looking for good deals to shop for new leather seats. please I know black friday now ooo my pikin. and your blog is beautiful I read all of them you are a good writer. your pictures are good and decent. am so proud of you girl.


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