Hello guys! hope you are great? well… Happy thanksgiving!!! today is thanksgiving guys and there’s nothing I can be more delighted to do than thank God for everything he has done,the love he has showered me and everything in general he has done for me and the people around me. This year has been a great year and indeed a year of spreading; the word SPREADING covers expansion, increase and anything that has to do with multiplying to be plenty (in good way of course)  and yes the love, the grace to do me, blessings have been on a steady spreading and for that am grateful. Sometimes, I see people who are in desperate search for food or even homeless and am thinking, the things I take for granted, some people pray for, the people God has surrounded with, I see some people clearly need in their lives. the kind of love I receive from the people around me, some people can’t get in a long while without putting effort or kissing ass. I look around me and am thankful for my family, my friends, my life because out there someone is seriously praying and asking God for half of what I have and am here asking God for more lol but to be honest, I take time to be grateful everyday not just because today is thanksgiving but every other day be grateful for what you have no matter how little it is.
Even the breath you have now, the person next you may not have it tomorrow because undeniably some lost it today so please be grateful to ‘The Only God’  for life, for whatever situation you are in now, someone is in worse and even if you believe you are the worse be thankful still and am sure brighter days are ahead for you.

Right now, am thankful for my parents(especially my mum… she’s something else, she’s my Gold,diamond, my priceless asset)and siblings, my friends in school who keep you in check when you are about to go off track,(yep, they keep me grounded), my church members (mostly my small unit FAVOUR CELL) and charles singwa from my Revd team who helps me with my creative content(he is behind every video and picture for my contents) and am thankful am able to just cope with school and every other thing I put myself into this year and oh did i forget the weather… Looooord! am so thankful for this weather.. my skin is coming back up yo! I hate cold but anything for my skin to glow…lol
What are you thankful for this season?


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